Embraced By A Highlander Cover Reveal & Fantastical Marvelous Giveaway!

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Embraced By A Highlander will be available late November or early December,
though if a miracle should happen it may be earlier than that. 🙂

New book calls for new giveaway!


The Fantastical Marvelous Giveaway

$150.00 Amazon gift card 1st place & an e-copy of Embraced By A Highlander
$75.00   Amazon gift card 2nd place & an e-copy pf Embraced By A Highlander
$50.00  Amazon gift card 3rd place & an e-copy of Embraced By A Highlander
4th place an e-copy of Embraced By A Highlander
5th place an e-copy of Embraced By A Highlander
To take a chance to win, all you need to do is respond
to the following question in the comment box.

Question: What was the first book of mine that you read?

Winners will be notified before the book is released.

By entering the contest, you give permission for your name (only) to be posted on my blog if you are one of the winners.


Excerpt coming soon!

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Hugs and thanks to all of you who have generously taken the time
to review my books.
It means the world to me!
You all are fantastical, marvelous fans!


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235 thoughts on “Embraced By A Highlander Cover Reveal & Fantastical Marvelous Giveaway!

  1. The Highlander’s Stolen Heart. I read that first book and then proceeded to read book after book and series after series. Now your books are an automatic buy for me.

  2. The Irish Devil and all that followed. To the Warriors and Sisters and Highlanders. Waiting for #2 after To Love a Highlander. So glad I own I believe everyone so I can escape whenever I want. Thanks for my excursions from Ireland to the utmost Highlands!!!

  3. Return of the Rogue was my first, and still probably ranks as my favorite. It led me to all of your others books, and I’ve yet to read one I don’t love. 🙂 Can’t wait for this one!

  4. Return of the Rogue was the one that got me hooked and then I kept getting all your books and series. You are a wonderful writer so excited to see the next book coming in the fall!!! Can’t wait!

  5. Oh my – I can’t remember as I have re-read almost everyone of your books (some multiple times). I think “Irish Devil” and it remains one of my favs along with the whole Dawn and Cree series. Can’t wait for your latest!

  6. Highlander’s Stolen Heart and I was completely hooked,I have read and re-read your books many times.I love everything you write and can’t wait for all of your future books!!

  7. The Irish Devil. It bacame an instant favorite and I read it over frequently. I love the strength of the women in your books. Although they have fear they do not let it stop them.

  8. Irish Devil was the first book I read of your series. However, I love historical romances & have been know to reread them over & over again.

  9. Oh I can’t remember! I have all your books but I believe that it was the Bucaneer, and I fell in LOVE thank you for the opportunity!

  10. It was “The Highlander’s stolen heart” and I am hooked to your books ever since! Cannot wait for the new Cree & Dawn novel!

  11. Dark warrior was the first book written by you that i read. That was the book that inyroduced me to your written and ever since then i have been reading all your books. Love your writings.

  12. This is a hard question for me as I collect back-list when I find an author I like and glom read series in order without interruption…As near as I can tell, according to my records at Goodreads, it must have been LEGENDARY WARRIOR. I fell in love with your highlanders <3 Thanks for the giveaway and the years of delighted reading!

  13. A Warriors Promise From reading this book, I instantly fell in love with the story and the writing abilities you have. It was also then, I’ve began my collection of all your books, and have read them all.

    • Me too! She’s such a talented story teller! Every book is different and the characters are so real and unique and memorable ❤️

  14. The very first book I read of yours was Highlander Unchained, and I loved it so much I have read every book you’ve written SEVERAL times a piece since discovering your talent! I never tire of your stories! Thank you!

  15. Ahh my very 1st Donna Fletcher book was The Buccaneer. I was hooked ordered every book you wrote for myself and my mother.

  16. My first was Return of the Rogue, loved that series! Since then I have read all your books and have re-read them numerous times. Can’t wait for Embraced by the Highlander!

  17. Return of the Rouge…still my favorite book and the first historical romance novel that introduced me to this magical world!

  18. I think it may have been The Highlander’s Bride. I own nearly all of your “fantastical marvellous” books. LOL and those few I have in e-book, I am slowly replacing with proper books (print) BG.

  19. The Highlander Unchained trilogy was the first set of books of yours that I read and I was lucky that you had finished the three of them. Since then is have read untamed fire and the follow up and am still looking forward to the Devils story. I loved To love a Highlander and am waiting very impatiently for the two follow up books. I think I have read everything you have written,most of them more than once.

  20. I have read so many that it’s hard to remember but I think it was the first Dawn and Cree book – but I read all of them in a day cause I was so excited.

  21. Hi Donna, My first book of your’s that I read was the Angle and the Highlander. Lachlan Sinclare, and Alyce Bunnock. Who went to live in an Abby, after running away from her father. When she went to the Abby, she renamed herself, Sister Terese. I have so many of your books. Not with any of them have I been dissatisfied while reading them. I look forward to your books so that I can escape my boring life, and live in another era. Thank you for your wonderful stories.

  22. I’m not sure which was first. Daring or Bewitching Twin,other book Return of the Rogue, or Dark Warrior. Once I find an author I like I get all the author’s books up to that first one. I have all of those in paperbacks so I know one of those was the first. I now have a nook so few new paperbacks

  23. My first book was Highlander Unchained. After that book I went to Amazon and NOW I have many of your books. Please keep them coming. Waiting for this new book and Cree and Dawn’s new one.

  24. Untamed Fire was the first book I read and that it was totally awesome. The book hooked me fo the very beginning and engaged my attention throughtout

  25. I read the Twin Series Twin Series I read The Daring Twin first then I read The Bewitching Twin, Book 2 . I enjoyed them so much I hunted down every book of yours that you had written and I read them all then you wrote Highlander Triolgy Series Dawn and Cree series and I have never stop reading and enjoying your books they are absolutely awesome to read.

  26. Highlander unchained was the first book I read. After that I read all your books in about a WEEK!!! Still have my favourites that I reread quite often.

  27. I have not read any of your books yet, but I’m extremely excited to try them out! Which one of your novels would you suggest to be my first to read?

  28. The first book i read was Love Me Forever, it was placed with other books of my mothers that I was reading through. At first I didn’t know it was the second book of its series but once I liked the story I was like, “Ok I have to read more.” So then I started hunting down DF book and became addicted!

  29. The King’s Executioner! The cover drew me in and the premise of the book was so original. Love the mystery and creativity of your Pict characters.

  30. The first book I read was Highlander Unchained. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon the book but once I read Cree and Dawn’s story I was hooked. I was so captivated by the struggle of the heroine that I finished the book in less that two days. From there, I decided to check out all of Donna’s stories and she quickly became one of my favorite authors. Now I eagerly await the release of every new book!!!

  31. The first book I read was Legendary Warrior. It was a gift and the moment i finished reading it i went to my nearest bookshop and brought any book that had your name one it.

  32. Cree and Dawn series. Than the Cree and Dawn short stories. I read all your books now. I just love your way of story telling!❤️

  33. The first book of your that I read was To Love a Highlander. I enjoyed it so much, I went back to my Kindle to order more books written by you!

  34. I am going back awhile and in the process dating myself. I read my first book of yours in an Avon paperback in 2004.
    Dark Warrior was the first one I read. That was when I frequented a local used book store and had books to trade. Both myself and my Dog Show Buddy would read them and then I would take them back in for credit. If I remember correctly I bought your book at the local Walmart and after both of us had read it I took it to The Carolina Book Rack for trade credit. That store no longer exists although they were in business for about 30 or more years before being forced out by E-Books.

  35. I do not remember the first book I have read of yours. I know that I have 18 of your books archived on my iPad. I also know that I started reading your paperback books before I got the Nook and then the iPad. Between the Nook and iPad it has been eight years. I always look for your work as I obviously enjoy reading your books!

  36. My first one was Love me Forever and is still my second favorite book you have written. My favorite is The King’s Executioner. But, I have read and re-read them all and they are all SO GOOD!! You have a fan for life!! 🙂

  37. The first book that i read was Bound to a Warrior from the Warrior series. That book introduced me to all your other books. I have been reading your books and i keep looking forward to more books that are coming. Thank you for always writting.

  38. My first Donna Fletcher book was the only one my mother had in her library.


    After reading I went to the used book store and bought 8 more Donna Fletcher books and I have been hooked ever since.

  39. Highlander Unchained and from then I read every book! I could not get enough!! I’m obsessed with your stories. Have read your books multiple times. Thank you for your great imagination and letting us join the world you create.

  40. Taken by Storm was the first one I read, closely followed by Tame My Wild Touch (I think – it was just so long ago and, now, I just buy your books wherever I find them)

  41. I started with Highlander Unchained and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve read all of your books and each one of them has become my favorites. I’ve read each of your books at least 3 times. Huge fan of your work. Pleas keep writing more wonderful stories!

  42. I’ve not read any of the titles I’ve browsed so far, but after reading the blurb for Highlander Unchained & Forbidden Highlander, I just had to click! So this will be my first read of yours. Thank you for the chance!

  43. I can’t remember which book was the first. I had lots of Donna Fletcher paperbacks, and was ordering them as you released them. I think that it was Dark Warrior, and I was hooked. But, right about that time, I was reading the other series too (as they were released).

  44. The first book i ever read from the amazing Donna fletcher was the buccaneer , she pulled me into her world and i have never looked back

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