Pssst… another giveaway! Time sensitive!!

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To celebrate the release of To Love A Highlander, I’m doing another giveaway. This one is a Super Duper 3 Day Giveaway. 

Today Friday, July 28, is the first day of the giveaway. All you need to do is put your response to the question in the comment box and you’re entered to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card. This giveaway will close tonight at midnight and the winner will be notified and the name posted tomorrow in a new blog post along with day 2 of the giveaway.

Just to entice you…

Day 2 of the Super Duper Giveaway, Saturday, July 29, you’ll be able to take a chance to win a $40 Amazon Gift Card.

Day 3 of the Super Duper Giveaway, Sunday, July 30, you’ll be able to take a chance to win a $60 Amazon Gift Card.

To do that you’ll need to return here tomorrow and respond to the question and you’ll be entered to win, and again on Sunday for the final day of the giveaway.

So set a reminder for yourself and check back here over the weekend to enter and hopefully win. Just think of the amount of books you could buy if you win or whatever else strikes your fancy at Amazon.

Here’s the question you need to answer in order to enter your chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card. How many romances do you read a month? Post your response in the comment box.

Remember… you can’t win if you don’t take a chance!

Also, a super duper BIG thank you to all who have gotten in touch with me to tell me how much they loved To Love A Highlander and also to those who have taken time out, of I’m sure, busy schedules to write a review. You are the best!!!!

Good luck to all and again take a chance.You can’t win if you don’t take a chance!

Love and hugs,

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225 thoughts on “Pssst… another giveaway! Time sensitive!!

  1. I read about 6 news once a month but if you count the ones that I reread it would be more like 12 a month. When it comes to your books I reread them more than once.

  2. I read about 6 new ones once a month.
    But I reread a lot of books during the month. If that counts then I read about 18 books a month.

  3. Hi Donna I read about 4 romance novels a month. I try to read 1 each week. After I’m in bed and have taken my meds I turn on my iPad and read until I’m sleepy. Great therapy and me time!

  4. I read ten to sixteen a month. I enjoyed TO LOVE A HIGHLANDER. I am looking forward to the next two in your trilogy.

  5. I read at least 3 romances a month, sometimes more depending on what comes out and what is available at the bookstores.

  6. Hello Donna,

    I read anywhere from 15-30 books a month. Reading is my way of relaxing my thoughts so I go at it pretty hard even when I’m in the midst of other projects.

  7. I do reviews of ARCs so I read more than some people. So far I have read and reviewed 157 books this year that’s an average of 22 books a month. Some times I read more and sometimes less depending on how much I like the books I am reading for review.
    I also usually throw in a couple of novellas that I pick up along the way.

  8. I read more during the winter months then now. Right now I’m doing anywheres from 2-4 hrs OT every day. But stll manage to read at least one book bi-weekly. Winter I might read 2 books a week if they are small and have a good story line that you just can’t let go of

  9. I’m a slow reader, but I usually read 3-4 romance books a month, depending on if they are full length or novellas. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone.

  10. Hi Donna. Between work and kids I will read about 10 to 15 books a month. Most of my reading is done at 2am before i go into work. It helps me wake up and puts me into a good mood to start the day.

  11. I read / listen to about 5 or 6 a month. Maybe more because I am usually listening to one book in the car and reading another one at home – so always have two going at a time.

  12. I ready between 20-60 romances a month. My average is about 450/year. I love books of all kinds, but mostly romances. It varies so much per month since I work full time and it coincides with how busy I am at work.

  13. I read about 7-10 romances a month. Depends on length of book,
    work schedule ( I own 2 restaurants!) and family necessaries. But I have been known to read until 2 or 3 in the morning nightly!!!

  14. Because I am in South Florida, it being so hot, I read about 30 a month. Loved your Pict Series. Then the Warrior King Series. Hooked on Scotland now.

  15. Usually at least 1 a day. I have a book in my hand most of the time I’m sitting. When I start rereading a series, I will usually go thru 2 a day when I get to stay home. I have learned how to read my book and mop. My relaxation is reading.

  16. Probably somewhere between 7-10. Sometimes more. Just depends on how much I have going on during any given month. 🙂

  17. Now that my kids have their own families I or read every day. Having the time to do that now I probably read 18 to 25 books. Thanks for the awesome giveaway chance.

  18. I am very choosy about the authors I read. I read about 4 a month, some times I am waiting for a book to come out so it is less.

  19. I read a minimum of 15 a month depending on what I have going on. I can’t stand tv so romance books are my outlet.

  20. Now that school is out, I read between 15 and 20 romance books a month. Plus, about another 15 mystery books.

  21. I read at least one book per day and usually two or three. The romances vary from historical, contemporary, Christian and western. I’m glad I’m not the only one reading so many books!

  22. Well since it summer, I have been able to read almost every night
    so about 20-30 a month! In the school season, anywhere from5-15 a month!

  23. I took a speed reading class in college so I can read 2-3 books a week. That class has come in handy so much more than some of the other classes I had to take.

  24. Hi Donna,

    I read anywhere between 4-6 romance novels a month on average. I am a teacher so in the summer time I read probably between 7-9 romance novels each month. I would read a lot more but I need to keep my job!!

  25. I skim a book daily but I read 4 books a week. I always go back to my tried and true books that help me escape from life for a time.

  26. Reading is a passion of mine at times I read 5 books a day so about a month, therefore, I read close to 130 for the month.

  27. I read about one every 2 days. You may not believe me but I do. I have an addiction to reading. I get laughed at for reading when I should be paying attention. I’m known for my reading at all times

  28. I read a lot of romance books per month. I would say 60-80 per month. I’m retired so I get to read all day, every day.

  29. I love reading romance book but due to work and kids, I will try to read 1-2 in a week once the time permit. It helps relax once work is over and kids are asleep.

  30. Hi, I have read upwards of a hundred new books a month. And if I can’t find anything interesting that’s new, I start re-reading old favorites. Though if a book is boring or really bad, I have skimmed through several. SQ

  31. I read at least 12 a month. I am retired and try to limit myself, but sometimes I cannot put down some books until the end. Have read all of your books and can’t wait for your new release.

  32. Hi Donna, I read about 3 books a week! I believe I have read ALL of your books.
    Do you write under another name? Please let me know.

    Thanks , please keep writing.

  33. It depends on the month & what is going on in my life. I probably read at least 1 romance a month — probably no more than 4. I read in several genres, mystery being a favorite, and I am not a fast reader. I really don’t know how some people can read 3 or 4 books a *week,* but I know those who do.

  34. Between family,friends aand summer activities I’ve only read 5 a month. During winter months I read between 9 and 15 a month.

  35. I have my own library of romance books. Plus my nook i never stop reading. I feel like such a stalker because i’m always on your web page waiting for a new release to be announced. So probably 12 or more a month. Let you know what i think of your new book when i read it want to enjoy the read.

  36. Hello! I read about 5 to 10 a month depending on the time of year and who of my favorite authors have come out with books. Some months are busier than others. 🙂

  37. Oops put wrong email address previously. I’m retired and read approximately 12 historical romances a month.

  38. I read at least 5 or more a month. Reading historical romances is something I love. Can not get enough of them.

  39. I only read romance, and I read about 12 books in a month. Sometimes, a few more, if I’m not too busy with other stuff. 🙂

  40. Well depends on how much work I have and how much my kids bug me lol. But I try to read at least 15-20 books a month.

  41. I only read romance and I’d guess on average 3-4 per month. Depends on the length of the books and what my hubby is watching on TV that distracts my reading time, lol

  42. I read 10-15 books a month. I love rereading your books over and over. Believe I am on 10th reread of the Dark Dragon series and more on the Sinclair Bros. series.

  43. I read 15 to 20 books a month since. Retired. I keep your books after reading because I know in a year or two I will re-read them. They are too good to not enjoy more than once. I especially like when you publish the short stories in print.

  44. Goodness, depending on new releases for the month and re-reads…I usually read between 20-30 books a month.

  45. I read or re-read around 15 books a month depending on the length of the book. Sometimes more if they are novellas. I have some comfort books I return to regularly when I need to feel good.

  46. probably at least a dozen a month – depending on how big the books are, how much time I have available to read and if the books really grab me and I have trouble putting them down

  47. To destress I read most nights (which often puts my husband under pressure if the heros are from tour books). So my recipe for maintaining a happy marriage and less stressful work and familyife is 4 to 6 romance books (with donna fletcher leading the charge on really bad days)!

  48. Hi Donna, I have read and re-read your books. I think I read at least 3 per week. I enjoy them so much, I’ve been reading your other books as well. I’m now starting to read, UNDER THE HIGHLANDER’S SPELL.

    Cree the puppy has grown so much. It’s amazing that they can click with one item and make it theirs.
    Take great care. Have a great day. Sure do love your work. Thank you for all that you do.

  49. I read about six books a month. There are times I like to reread books. There are times (just like when you watch a movie) you miss little things.

  50. Lately it’s been at least 3 books. If they’re on the shorter side I could probably read a few more, but I haven’t had as much time lately as I would like to read.

  51. I read four or more books per week and most are romances or have romantic elements. Reading is my most favorite pastime and has been since I was a young girl.

  52. I read between 10 to 15 per week, sometimes more, depending on the length and bonus titles tucked into Books as a bonus.

  53. Hey:) In the summer, when I’m not teaching I really lose track of how many books I read…probably 3-4 a week (more if they are novellas) so about 12 a month. During school months, its significantly lower, probably 4-6 a month. All romance novels btw!!

  54. I try to read two romances a week and one science fiction novel as well for a little diversity but usually during the school year I can only pick one great romance to read on the weekends.

  55. I read 8-10 a month. Like to read more, but ,Grandchildren need my attention a lot . I have read a romance before in 24 hours. Love those Highlanders !!!

  56. I have a tendency to go on reading spurts where I will read a lot of books for a while and then drop down to a book a month. I love it when I find a good series and can read all of the series one after the other, so that the characters are all still fresh in my mind.

  57. I read about 12/13 books a month. I love historical romance novels. I take my kindle everywhere, you never know when you will have a bit of spare time to read.

  58. Hi Donna, thanks for responding so quickly!
    Instead of going out dancing on the weekends, I plant myself on the couch and read.
    Sometimes I go to bed just when the birds start to rise!!

    Can’t wait for more of your books!

    Joanne Sarmanian

  59. I read about 15 romance books a month. Your books it takes me about 2 days to read it. I can’t put them down. I’ve read all your books and some of them I’ve read more than once.

  60. Lately, time has been an issue and I’m only reading about one book a week. Since I like different genres, I’m guessing I’m only reading one romance a month right now. Hopefully I’ll get things cleared up and can start reading more.

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