Day 3 & Final Day of the Super Duper Giveaway

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Today, Sunday, July 30, is the third and final day of the Super Duper 3 Day Giveaway. All you need to do is put your response to the question in the comment box and you’re entered to win a $60 Amazon Gift Card. This giveaway will close tonight at midnight and the winner will be notified and the name posted tomorrow in a new blog post.

Here’s the question you need to answer in order to enter your chance to win a $60 Amazon Gift Card. How do you like your sex in a romance book? Tepid? Hot? Sizzling? Doesn’t matter? Other?


The winner of Day 2 of the Super Duper Giveaway, a $40 Amazon Gift Card, is Cathy Henderson. Congrats, Cathy!

Good luck all!


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81 thoughts on “Day 3 & Final Day of the Super Duper Giveaway

  1. Between tepid and hot. Sex is good when done tastefully. Very vivid or too graphic makes me want to skim through or possibly skip the lines/pages.

  2. A little goes a long way to give you the visual of what is going on. When it gets into full detail it just loses something. You then just skim by all the over written scenes.

  3. I like a good story but even with that a writer can make the briefest time together HOT without giving every detail away.

  4. I like it to match the characters. Sizzling might not work for all, tepid may never work with your characters except at the first, but you seem to always find the right balance in your stories to make the sex scenes realistic.

  5. It all depends on the story. Sometimes I read a story and there is no sex scene and that is good because it didn’t need it. Some writers just plop sex lled fin to make the story longer. When the writer builds up the sexual tension, then it is called for. How explicit is up to you. I like your books just the way you write them.

  6. I like it hot, but not graphic or crude. Sometimes a sex scene does not even need the words, i.e., “As they ran to the bedroom door laughing he picked her up and closed the door as he walked through.” Sometimes using your imagination can make the scene hotter!

  7. usually sizzling, but sometimes i feel like i’m on overload and every sex scene seems more comical than i think the author intended. then i read a few tepid ones before getting back to the sizzlers.

  8. It all depends on the type of story and the characters, I like to read between hot and sizzling but nothing crude! But your books are perfect just the way they’re done! Your stories have all the right elements and balance between the characters and the storyline which makes for sensational reading. (Please don’t change your writing style ) thank you for the chance!

  9. Sizzling is great when the characters are so connected to each other that to see the other gets excited. It doesn’t have to be graphic to have the reader getting hot and bothered with the scene.

  10. My mood changes on how much sex I enjoy in a book. I don’t like extreme erotica. I do enjoy some steamy scenes but not when it’s just put in to make a story longer.

  11. It depends. Although lately with all of the really graphic scenes being written I am a fan of slow burn romance not just sizzling scenes. Honestly, I enjoy the sex scenes if they match the romance and are not just for the sake of having them in a book…numerous times. Some great books have no descriptions at all and that can be fine, too.

  12. Hi Donna once again. Since I’m single and in my 60’s I’ll take sizzling. It’s very interesting when you have a great story line. I loved the lovemaking in To Love a HighLander, and also the way it was with Dawn and Cree. These stories are all done out of love, and love is what makes a great marriage. Sizzling sex, is a big part of that marriage.

  13. I like whatever fits in the story although I have read some books where I just want a little more to really give the adoringly aching feel of love the characters supposedly feel.

  14. Personally, I’m not into graphic sex scenes. Mild sexual tension is good enough to get the point across.

  15. It doesn’t need to be extremely graphic. If the sex scenes are giving me insight into the characters emotions and depth of feeling for each other the it works. If its just a description then I generally skim past it, because after reading 100’s of novels, there frankly is only so many ways to right about it, you know what I mean?

  16. It doesn’t matter too much to me as long it doesn’t take over the story. I’ve read, or had to stop reading actually, some authors because the takeover got so annoying there was almost no story, just strung together by sex scenes. I got to the point of “here we go again” and I’d skim over it because I was getting bored. It’s just whatever feels right between the kind of characters you have.

  17. It doesn’t really matter. I read in a book that a good sex scene is about the anticipation and how the characters are feeling. I agree with that assessment.

  18. I need some spice in my romance stories, and especially not when the action is behind closed doors.

    Prefer hot to sizzling, but not vulgar or erotic. I need to feel a connection to the H/h before the action happens.

  19. I like a mixed bag of nuts ( pardon the expression!!) when it comes to sex! anywhere from “slow and tender” to “hot- can’t wait” seems more realistic to me! It’s all good!!!!

  20. I like it calente! However, how the writer teases you with the story line and sexual build up tension makes the read most enjoyable. Then, i have to keep reading because I am part of the action!

  21. I prefer it hot but intimacy, tenderness, and vulnerability are more important to me, so as long as those are conveyed I’m a happy camper!

  22. I like it hot, but it really depends on the story and the two people engaged in it. A soothing gentle love scene is just as good. I guess I enjoy all types if it fits the story and the couple

  23. Hot to Sizzling πŸ˜‰ It is romance after all <3
    Thanks for the giveaways and best wishes for your future releases! I've been reading your books for years.

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