Day 2 of Super Duper 3 Day Giveaway

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Today, Saturday, July 29, is the second day of the Super Duper Giveaway. All you need to do is put your response to the question in the comment box and you’re entered to win a $40 Amazon Gift Card. This giveaway will close tonight at midnight and the winner will be notified and the name posted tomorrow in a new blog post along with day 3, final day of the giveaway, a $60 Amazon Gift Card.

So set a reminder for yourself and check back here tomorrow to enter and hopefully win. Just think of the amount of books you could buy if you win or whatever else strikes your fancy at Amazon.

Here’s the question you need to answer in order to enter your chance to win a $40 Amazon Gift Card. Where do you find most of your romance books? Ex: recommendations from other readers/friends, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), skimming e-retailer sites, or other. Post your response in the comment box.

Remember… you can’t win if you don’t take a chance!

The winner of Day 1 of the Super Duper Giveaway, a $20 Amazon Gift Card, is Jennifer Young. Congrats, Jennifer!

Good luck all!


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90 thoughts on “Day 2 of Super Duper 3 Day Giveaway

  1. I mostly get my books from recommendations given by friends and family. I also follow my favourite authors on either Amazon or Goodreads to see what is coming next.

    • I get info from the author’s whose newsletters I signed up for. Also, Bookbub, Booksends and Amazon recommendations.

  2. I would say FB and my newsletters. I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what Amazon tells me to read. I want a real person’s opinion. Lol ❀

  3. I have a list of authors that of follow and always get their new releases. I get get new to me author’s book from adds on Amazon and a few other sites.

  4. At this point I have a list of authors I consistently read, but when I was younger, I’d go to the local used bookstore and browse… sometimes I’d look at books for hours at a time. Very occasionally a title, author name, or picture will spark an interest and I’ll pick up a new author. None of my friends read romances, so getting recommendations is hard!

  5. Generally I look through goodread for recommendations of other readers but also browsing through Amazon.

  6. I find most of my books by checking the internet. It could be on Goodreads or what amazon recommends I read next. Sometimes I just type in a certain criteria for a book into google and see what comes up. It just depends on the day πŸ™‚

  7. I have favorite author’s that I read and follow them for new releases. I also review the websites of my favorite author’s to see if they recommend an author they may like. I normally review one or two books of that author to see if it would be something I would like to read.

  8. I look through the books in Wal-Mart. I found one of yours and bought it. I have read your books ever since. I get my books mostly at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.

  9. I find most of my romance books from the recommended lists on Amazon or Goodreads based on what I’ve already read. I also follow the authors whose books I loved, and my Kindle shows recommendations as well.

  10. I select by the cover, author and if it is historical romance. I like regency but Scottish suits my moods better- less pretentious. I’ve only had the opportunity to read two of your books so far but the interactions between the characters makes me continue reading until the book is finished. This is the sort of romance that I don’t mind re reading and telling others about. If I read a review such as this I would definitely purchase and read the book.

  11. I select by the cover, author and if it is historical romance.I find on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, suggested reads. I also get suggestions from other sites. I like regency but Scottish suits my moods better- less pretentious. I’ve only had the opportunity to read two of your books so far but the interactions between the characters makes me continue reading until the book is finished. This is the sort of romance that I don’t mind re reading and telling others about. If I read a review such as this I would definitely purchase and read the book.

  12. I find my books by watching my fav authors on Facebook and they will show their upcoming new books. They will also tell about other books and authors they have read. I also subscribe to BookBub and find many interresting books there.

  13. Usually from my list of authors that I follow, their newsletters and pages and sometimes if they recommend another authors book. Good Reads, Book Bub, FB historical Romance pages.

  14. Most of my recommendations come via BookPerks, BookBub
    Amazon and Goodreads but I purchase most from Amazon Kindle. I like to explore new authors and having a little intro into their style gives me the impetus to purchase more of their works. Series books really grab me the most as I hate for a book to end… My favorite authors maintain the top shelf of my TBR list though.

  15. For my favorite authors I check their websites or sign up for newsletters. If I’m looking for something new to me I look online at places like rt book reviews, smart bitches trashy books, or dear author for recommendations or reviews. If I have time I still like to browse at book stores to see if something catches my attention.

  16. I have authors who I check daily on Amazon. I also search on Amazon for the top 100 sold, most wished for, and so on.

  17. Recommendations from Amazon and Goodreads. I follow my favorite authors on Amazon. I also get emails from various book accounts that show free or bargain books. So I have several avenues to hunt for books. I find new authors to try that way, while keeping up-to-date with all my favorite authors new releases. SQ

  18. Goodreads! I look at the reviews from other readers. I also look at the book lists on goodreads, and new and upcoming releases!

  19. Most of my recommendations come from Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.
    I also subscribe to my favorite authors website to get e-mails for upcoming releases.

  20. Now I follow favorite authors to get their new releases. I also surf Amazon in the historical romance category looking for freebies. Money is tight. I know authors are looking to reel people into a series by giving the first or an early book away for free. I’ve read some duds, but I’ve also come across some great unknown to me authors that way too. Then I will pony up the dough for authors I feel are worth it to continue on the series, or I want to read more.

  21. Good Morning Donna, I get most of my books, from my friend Kathy, and I found out I enjoy your books, and then I look on I have found so many books on there. I like the fact that I can find what I want on Amazon. And your news letters.

  22. I find out about books (by favorite authors or new ones) mostly thru book blogs. Or when I’m checking things out on Goodreads.

  23. I maintain an index of all my ebook authors and check Amazon regularly for new releases. Then I check for all new releases ans read the descriptions. I also get recommendations from the various author newsletters.

  24. Donna, thanks so much again for the 100 amazon gc. I loved to love a highlander. I am back to try again!!! I get most of my book recommendations by looking up highland romance on amazon. My friend Katie introduced me to Highland romances so that is mostly what I read. I get notifications from my fav authors. Once I find an author I usually read almost all they write. Donna you’re the best!!

  25. I get alerts on new releases from author’s whose newsletters I sign up for. Also, from Bookbub, Booksends and Amazon.

  26. I find most of my romance books from reviews from friends on Goodreads. I also peruse the new romance releases on Amazon to see if anything catches my eye πŸ™‚

  27. I find books through BookBub and other discount sites. If I like the book then I buy other books by the same author. I’ve also gotten free books from author newsletters. I get newsletters from authors after entering contests. If I like their books I remain on their list.

  28. I get most of my books from just browsing. I just go to the kindle store and look around. If the excerpt sounds interesting then I get the book. I also have bookbub and love looking through their recommendations for me.

  29. I find my books by following my favorite authors on facebook and by recommendations on both the kindle forum and also Goodreads.

  30. I use my writers web sites to see what they have and also talk with my family who read the same kind of books. I also look at the book store on the internet that I use.

  31. My favorite authors often recommend some they have read and then those authors recommend some they have enjoyed etc.

  32. I get my book recommendations from author newsletters, Bookbub notifications, and deal notification email services. Sometimes I look through the Amazon bestsellers, as well.

  33. I follow my favorite authors on their websites and on Amazon. I also get a audiobook guide in the mail and it lets me know what books are coming out soon. I really wish Donna Fletcher would release her books on audio. Starting with the Irish Devil or Highlander Unchained.

  34. I found my books on Amazon and book bub. I like to read historical and also about the highlander romance.

  35. I locate new to me authors from FB parties and multi-author box sets. Once in a while I find a new to me author at BN in their “Nook Books Under $2.99” list on their website. I read only romance (of all sub-genres) and am very author loyal. I shop sales and have huge wishlists at BN for books on my TBPurchased and new releases coming up. I don’t really look at lists from blogs or suggestions from BN or Amazon.

  36. I always find the next book of my favorite Authors. Amazon alerts of the Author’s I follow. I love Historical Scottish Romance. So keep them coming. πŸ™‚
    Carol L

  37. I usually look at the suggested reading list that amazon provides based on my past purchases and then skim through to look for a title or cover that piques my interest.

  38. I get my books from browsing amazon and reading the reviews. But if I like an author I usually buy all their books.

  39. Prior to e-books, I borrowed books from the library and continued to read the authors I liked and even bought some of them (my really favourite authors have become “automatic buys”) and I still like to buy them in print where possible. As regards e-books, I will not buy authors I have not read, but will try them as a freebie. I definitely do not buy by the cover as many do not relate to the story! I have to like the “blurb” and want to read more. I do look at the reviews, but have found that I do not trust the Amazon reviews, as, early on, I discovered that it seems like some of them have not even read the book!

  40. Hi, I get most of my books by subscribing to my favorite authors’ newsletters, Book Bub, Book Cave and Amazon.
    Have a great evening!

  41. I have favorite authors I follow. I also read the book descriptions for books that sound like they will be interesting.

  42. I get most of my recommendations from authors that I love, friends, and I work in a book store so I get to see all the new books right when they come in so I read new authors when covers catch my eye and sound good.

  43. I usually read from a select group of writers that I like. I also like to browse the bookshelves at stores to see if anything catches my attention.

  44. If I find an author that I like then I usually look in the back of the ebooks (or amazon or their website) for more books by that author. I get emails from Amazon when authors that I follow have new releases. I also subscribe to emails from many of my favorite authors. I’ve been known to just browse the Amazon Kindle site.

  45. I have favorite authors I follow but surprisingly enough I have found a number with reader recommendations while perusing different books.

  46. First and foremost, I keep an eye on my favorite authors, which may or may not mean that I keep websites such as yours open in my tabs at all times and refresh them obsessively waiting for news of the next release… πŸ™‚

    Lately, I have been finding new authors through bookbub. It has led me to try authors I probably otherwise wouldn’t have.

  47. I get my books at Barnes and Noble, Walmart, wherever, I can find them. Some authors are so good I read every book they publish. Love those Highlanders.

  48. I get most of my ideas from emails and some from fb but I subscribed to bookbub and amazon and my favourite authors. This is how I know about this πŸ™‚

  49. Hi Again Donna, Since I’m single, and in my 60’s I have to read about it, instead of…. anyway,
    I like it Extremely Hot. I makes me feel young again, reading the stories, that are extremely spicy Hot.
    Have a great day!

  50. Donna Fletcher is my all time favorite! I have every book on my Nook. I have read them all multiple times they get better every time! The Buccaneer was my first read.

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