Update on Cree the puppy!

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The flamingo is mine. I don’t care if I got stuffing on the rug, I’m not surrendering the bird! Cree is growing in leaps and bounds and he’s just as lovable and hugable as ever!

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2 thoughts on “Update on Cree the puppy!

  1. How adorable! I’m telling you I miss that puppy stage about as much as I miss the newborn baby stage. Which is not at all. A big hit toy for our 4 yr old German shep is a toy pig from the dog aisle in walmart. He loves it, looks like your pup likes the flamingo just as much. 🙂 Popped in to see book updates and was not dissapointed! I love your highlanders!

    • Cree certainly does love his flamingo. He takes it outside and makes sure to bring it inside. It’s his favorite. I am definitely not going to miss the puppy stage. 🙂 Thrilled to know you love my Highlanders, Vanna!

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