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  1. Hi Donna just wondering when is To Love A Highlander coming out don’t have a favourite looooooove all. Your books Regards Maria

  2. Cree and dawn are my fav. He strong alpha, but also very very tender, fair..dawn because not wish washy, and all she’s been thru, very strong, yet gentle.

  3. I don’t mean to sound like an ols record but Cree and Dawn are my favorites.I have to let you know this is the only book of yours I have read.I look forward to reading others!To Love a Highlander sounds loke a great book.Thanks for the chance!โค

  4. i started reading your books about 5-7 years ago, i got hooked; as soon i start reading a book, i find that that could be a trilogy or more…. and then i go hunting for the others. though i absolutely love Dawn and Cree’s love story, i love the Pict Series and The Sinclare Brothers Series. i am very much looking forward to Highland Warrior Trilogy. your books have brought me to the edge of the seat, and to tears in some of them. and i go back to your books every other week or so, and go to specific chapter or scene that elicits so much emotion in me. Thank you!!!

  5. just wanted to know if any of your newer books will be printed in paperback like renegade love diablos angel or your newest to love a highlander
    I have read several of your older books and enjoy them very much, there’s just something about holding the book in my hands thank you

    • Hi Sandy,

      I’m working on getting To Love A Highlander in print and I have plans to put the Ranchero Trilogy in print as well. I’ll post on my blog as soon as the books are in print. Glad to know you enjoy my books. ๐Ÿ™‚

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