Cover Reveal, Excerpt, & Giveaway… To Love A Highlander

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Here it is……

The cover for my next book To Love a Highlander!

Read an excerpt below and following that are the details for the Extra Special Giveaway I’m having to celebrate book one in my Highland Warriors Trilogy!

Hope you enjoy!





Espy stared at the blood that soaked her hands.  This was not right. This should not have happened. Things had been going well… she shook her head. Something was wrong. She had fought to save the woman and the bairn. Her grandmother had told her once that sometimes you had no choice, death came for everyone. Espy did not like to surrender and she fought death at every turn. After all, that was what a healer, a wise woman, did—she battled death. And Espy did not like to lose.

“You must leave. There is no more you can do for her and Lord Craven will blame you for his wife and child’s death. Hurry, please,” the woman begged. “He will show no mercy.”

“I cannot leave her like this, Britt. She must be cleaned and—”

“No,” Britt said. “He will see you punished in the most horrible ways, then see you suffer a slow death. You have to leave.”

Espy’s grandmother had warned her about Craven, Chieftain of the Clan MacCara. He was a beast of a warrior, large and powerful, and he ruled with a mighty fist. Everyone had been surprised when the gentle Aubrey, from the bordering Clan MacVarish became his bride. Some believed the loving and kind young woman tamed the mighty beast. Others believed the beast could never be tamed and waited in fear of his escape.

Lord Craven had left this morning on a hunt with his friend Dylan, and Edward MacPeters, the physician he had brought from Edinburgh to tend his wife when her time came. His wife Aubrey had not been due for another month, but the bairn had thought differently. A messenger had arrived at Espy’s grandmother’s cottage insisting that Espy, a healer schooled in more than the wise ways, hurry to the keep. Lady Aubrey needed her. Espy had been concerned that the bairn was arriving early, but she had managed such births before with much success. Yet all of her learned skills had not helped her to save Aubrey and her bairn. And now Lord Craven would return soon to find his wife and unborn bairn dead. It was not right. It should not have been.

Espy’s eyes turned wide when she saw a slight movement in Aubrey’s rounded stomach. The bairn was still alive. There was a chance to save it.

“I need a knife,” Espy cried out.

Britt’s eyes rounded with shock and fear.

“The bairn still lives. I need to deliver him,” Espy explained.

“Lord Craven will see you drawn and quartered if you split his wife open,” Britt warned.

Espy cared nothing for what might happen to her. She had to save the bairn. She rushed and got a knife from her healing basket and hurried to expose Aubrey’s stomach. She had to be careful, if she cut too deep she could harm the bairn. Her hand was steady when she placed the knife to Aubrey’s naked stomach, though she trembled inwardly, and she said a silent prayer to please let the bairn live.

Her wrist was suddenly grabbed and she was viciously torn away from the bed. “What are you doing, woman?”

Espy fought the short slim man. “The bairn lives. I need to deliver him.”

“Have you not done enough?” the man screamed at her.

She fisted her free hand and punched the man in the nose. He yelled, grabbed his face, and stumbled back. She hurried toward the bed, but before she could reach Aubrey another man grabbed her from behind.

“You have killed Lady Aubrey, is that not enough?” the tall man yelled.

Espy pushed at the strong arm around her waist. “Please, please let me free the bairn from her. There is a chance he could live.”

With blood spewing from his nose, the man she had hit spoke up with difficulty. “She is a mad woman. Just look at what she has done. Look at the blood on her hands! I am a physician. I know of what I speak.”

Espy turned wide eyes on the man and pleaded, “If you are a physician then you know there is a chance that the bairn could survive. Please! Please! We waste time. Please cut her open and take the bairn.”

A vicious roar reverberated through the room and the man holding Espy suddenly shoved her behind him. A man of towering height and thick with muscles consumed the doorway. His dark eyes raged with fury and pain, and he descended on the room and on those within like a beast of prey ready to devour everything in his path. He went directly to the bed and stared down at Aubrey who looked as if she slept, but the blood-stained bedding spoke the truth.

Lord Craven turned to the man who claimed himself a physician. “I brought you here so that nothing would happen to her. Do something.”

“There is nothing I can do. She is gone, my lord.”

“But not the bairn,” Espy called out. “Please, let me save the bairn.”

“She butchered your wife,” the physician accused, swiping the only clean cloth left in the room off the chest to stifle the blood running from his nose. “She will do the same to your bairn if you let her. The bairn is dead. It cannot live once the mother dies.”

“It can for a short time and you are wasting that precious time.”

“She speaks nonsense,” the physician said. “Look at what she has done to your precious wife. She has made her suffer the torments of hell.”

“And if it is not nonsense, you do nothing as the bairn dies,” Espy pleaded and watched how gently the large man cradled his wife against his chest, his eyes squeezing tight, the pain too much for him to bear.

“Do not listen to her. She butchered your wife while she lived and now she wants to butcher her in death.”

Lord Craven’s large hand moved down along his wife to rest on her rounded stomach, and Espy prayed he would feel his bairn move. His silence was louder than any words he could speak as was his hand that remained still.

They had wasted precious time. The bairn was dead. Espy silently cursed the physician. She wanted to rage with anger at his ignorance, but it would do no good. The man who held her, who had pulled her out of the path of Lord Craven, tugged at her now. And when she turned her head to look at him, he nodded toward the door and urged her along.

“Do not dare take her from this room!”

Espy felt her skin prickle with fear as the deep bellowing voice roared through the bedchamber, and the man holding her released her quickly and surprisingly stepped in front of her.

“Step away from her Dylan,” Lord Craven ordered so sharply that it sent a shiver through the room.

The man went to speak.

“I will not tell you again, Dylan,” Lord Craven warned.

Dylan stepped aside reluctantly.

Lord Craven held his wife close against him, pressed his cheek, stained red with heated anger, to her cold one, then gently kissed her lips. “My love and my life go with you, Aubrey.”

He laid her head tenderly on the pillow, brushing a strand of her dark hair off her face to tuck behind her ear, an intimate gesture between husband and wife. He stared at her as though he waited for her to move, to speak, to open her eyes… to breathe.

He turned his head slowly toward Espy, then he flew across the room as if he had wings. His large hand grabbed her around the throat and with brutal force he slammed her high against the wall, bringing them to be face to face and leaving her feet dangling several inches above the floor.

Pain shot through her back and head and for a moment her vision blurred and she thought he had knocked the breath out of her. Then she realized it was his hand squeezing at her throat that left her unable to breathe. Her hand shot to his, ripping at his fingers that were choking the life from her, but it did little good. The thick muscles along his arm were taut with such strength that she would never be able to budge him.

“I will have your life for what you did!”

His voice was a roar in her ears as she felt her life draining away. She heard voices yelling at him over and over. She could not understand what they shouted, but they did not stop.

Suddenly, she dropped to the floor and gasped loudly when breath was finally restored to her. She took great gulps like one so parched she could not get enough to drink. She winced, her breath barely recovered when she was abruptly hoisted off the floor, the grip on her arm feeling like an iron shackle pinching painfully at her skin.

“Leave my land and all the lands that surround me or I will see you tortured unmercifully before I make you suffer an unspeakable death.” He shoved her so hard that she fell to the floor. “Get out of my sight before I do what Aubrey would not want.”

Espy stumbled to her feet and went to speak.

“Say a word and I will cut out your tongue and eat it in front of you.”

Espy turned and hurried out the door and out of the keep, the frightening glare in Lord Craven’s dark eyes and his barbaric threat, proving he was more beast than man.


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267 thoughts on “Cover Reveal, Excerpt, & Giveaway… To Love A Highlander

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    Thanks for the giveaway. Can’t wait to read this book

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  62. I love all of your books! But my most favourite would be Cree and Dawn.

    I love forward to more of your Highland romance books!

  63. Cree and dawn are my favorites. I get so drawn in to there sorry I can’t wait for the next book. And now reading Espy’s I am hoping June comes fast. Thank you for all your wonderful books.

  64. Oh my goodness, how can I pick just one!! I Love all of them!! One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES is Victoria Champers and Sebastian from San Francisco Surrender. Can’t wait to read this one!!


  65. I absolutely fell in love with Dawn & Cree and have been thoroughly entertained through all their triumphs and tribulations. Although I do love ALL your books – you rock!!

  66. Donna, you’re asking for a slightly impossible task. Every hero and heroine from your stories that has captured us in some way. I can only narrow it down to three: Eric and Faith; Cree and Dawn; and Talon and Hemera. These are the stories I reread the most. I loved the excerpt from the new book and I can’t wait for its release. Also looking forward to the new Cree and Dawn series. You are truly my favorite author!!!

  67. This is hard:
    1. Eric and Faith
    2. Cree and Dawn
    3. Bryce and Charlotte
    I couldn’t just name one.

    This excerpt has me more than intrigued. I’m very excited!!!

  68. really can’t wait to read this book!!! But so far my favorites are dawn and cree ive read the 3 books and the 4 short stories.The Sinclair brothers started my Donna Fletcher journey in just one mnth i finished that series ,dawn andcree,and the twin series starting the warrior king tonght

  69. Cree and Dawn are my favorite couple! I keep going back to their stories, reading them again and again! I am looking forward to their new story!
    This new series has be intrigued, cannot wait to read it! Thank you for the excerpt!

  70. Every time I reread one of your books, that couple is my favorite.. right now I am rereading The King & His Queen, so Hemera and Talon…

  71. I liked Cullen and Sara in the Highlander’s Bride. It was the first book of Donna’s I read and really enjoyed it. Since then, I have read some of the other books.

  72. Talon and Heather, are my favorites. But it is so hard to pick favorites, your books are so wonderful. Thanks for this chance!

  73. Cree and Dawn are still my favorites. A lot of couples have come a close second, but so far no couple has surpassed them. I just love them together.

  74. So I have been a fan since the early years of Donna Fletcher. I have all of the books, most are paperback and the recent ones are digital. The one story that is used more than the others is The Dark Warrior, with Mary and Michael. I don’t know what it is about this story but I am just captivated by the strength of Mary and the compassion of Michael. The power struggle of Michael between “In order to do what’s right, I have to do this” and “In order to do right by her, I have to do this”. It’s heartbreaking and lifting when Mary asserts her own struggle of “Living the life I know” and “Living my life with the man I love”.

    I was so happy to see a similar relationship with Talon and Hemera. After reading their struggles I had to go back and read Mary and Michael.

  75. I love all your characters, but Cree and Dawn are my favorites. I have read and re-read so many of your books over and over. can’t wait for this new series. just got my free copy and ordered the next one can’t wait to get started. when i’m feeling a little down, I just grab my kindle and start reading and you take me to another place and time–no worries!! love your books, so please don’t ever stop writing!!

  76. I must have read all your books . My favourites have to be Cree and Dawn,Eric and Faith from the Irish Devil,and I cannot wait for the third book in this trilogy.

  77. I love your books. They take us away to older places and times that were steeped in war and greed. But you make it all seem worthwhile for the love stories you write. Thank you.

  78. I have enjoyed all your books, but I really loved the Dark Dragon and Heather. I’m looking forward to reading To Love a Highlander when it comes out.

  79. Cree and Dawn for me, you have such a great
    way with words, I put you up there with
    among the best…so enjoyable, thanks for the

    true romantics (all of us readers) for giving us many hours of enjoyment!

  80. Looks like Cree and Dawn are forefront winners, but alas, not for me. Whilst I did love the duo, my favourites are Tarr and Fiona from ‘The Daring Twin’. I dearly love Aliss as well 🙂

  81. Hemera and Talon from the King and His Queen. Those are my favorites so far. I love Cree and Dawn and actually all of your crew. Just hanging in there until you write more. I cherish these books and live through all of their fantasies!!!! Love the face of your little puppy too!!! Thanks Donna

  82. I absolutely love Dawn and Cree as many of the others do, however picking a favorite would be impossible for me.

  83. I love your books! The idea that there is one special person destined to be yours and vice versa no matter what … it would have to be Trey and Bliss … my fav couple

  84. I continue to enjoy reading and re-reading all the books and the stories in particular the Pict King Series. If I had to pick at this moment it would be the hero Eric from The Irish Devil and heroine Mercy from Bound to a Warrior.

  85. I don’t have a favorite couple, since I have not yet read any of your books. But from looking at the comments, maybe I should start with Cree and Dawn!

  86. As much as I love all the heroes and heroines of your books, there’s no doubts that Dawn is my most favorite and Cree my second. Though she lack of hearing, she’s intelligent, has big heart and compassion for others, strength within herself and a survivor that I admire in a woman.

  87. It’s definitely between Dawn and Cree or Hemera and Talon. Whenever I want to reread your books those couples are usually my first picks.

  88. Each of the characters in your books are memorable but my all time favorite couple is Eric and Faith (The Irish Devil). I love the entire book. Chapter 32 is one of my favorite part of the book. I love the passion which Eric expresses when he argues with Faith’s father and then when Faith is crying with Bridget upon hearing how he always wanted her which only solidified their love. This book had romance and intrigue. I love it and I continue to read it especially when I want to indulge in my own fantasy of meeting my own Irish Devil.

    I’m looking forward to reading your new book and thank you for your work. 🙂

  89. There are so many to choose from but I have to say Hemera and Talon! I am on pins and needles waiting for this new book to release.

  90. Dawn & Cree; but i just finished The King and His Queen, so also Hemera & Talon. I think Hemera is one of my favorite heroines.

  91. Greetings. Can’t wait for this new trilogy!

    My favorite couple is Talon and Hemera. Even when Anin and Paine where a wonderful couple, seeing Talon becoming a “human” due to Hemera simple ways, melted my heart.These very strong Alphas loving so deeply their women, and being “delicate” just to them, made my heart full.

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