Cover Reveal & Giveaway… To Love A Highlander

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Look for the names of the winners to be posted along with the release of the book. Winners are being notified now. So check your email to see if you won! (Posted 7/16/2017)

Extra Special Giveaway I’m having to celebrate book one in my Highland Warriors Trilogy!

Hope you enjoy!





To Love A Highlander Extra Special Giveaway!
1st place wins a $100 Amazon Gift Card & a free e-copy of To Love A Highlander
2nd place wins a $50 Amazon Gift Card & a free e-copy of To Love A Highlander
3rd place wins a $25 Amazon Gift Card & A free e-copy of To Love A Highlander
4th & 5th places win a free e-copy of To Love A Highlander

To enter leave a comment in the comment box, telling me which hero and heroine of mine are your favorites.
All winners will be notified before the book is released. Also by entering you agree to have your name, only, posted on my blog as one of the winners.

Good luck everyone and feel free to spread the news about the Extra Special Giveaway to readers who you think may be interested!

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412 thoughts on “Cover Reveal & Giveaway… To Love A Highlander

  1. Catherine Perronet and Charles Wesley from “Where Love Begins” I live in Charleston, SC, and one the largest churches is the Johns Wesley United Methodist. The Wesley name always sticks with me.

  2. I love all your Hero and Heroine but my all time favorite is Cree and Dawn. I love the way he expresses hos affection for her and the way he understands her too. Their love is great and beautiful.

  3. I can’t wait to read this new book too. Love all your books. Thank you for written. Please continue written beautiful stories.

  4. I have a hard time picking favorites because there are a few that are close to my heart, but above all it has to be Cree and Dawn. There’s just something about Cree

  5. Cree and Dawn are my favorite Character. They have entertained me for years. Book one grabbed a hold of my heart and these two characters never allowed me to let go!

  6. Love them all. But if I have to choose…Dawn and Cree.
    Thanks for the giveaway. Can’t wait to read this book

  7. My favorite characters of yours are Honora and Cavan of Return of The Rogue! One of my all time favorite books as well!

  8. Prudence Agatha Winthrop and Zac Stewart from Tame My Wild Touch. Although, The Irish Devil and Whispers On the Wind have two more of my favorite couples.

  9. The only thing I hated about this excerpt is that it ended and I had to STOP READING and now have TO WAIT until the actual book comes out! Wow! What a teaser this is and I can’t wait until it comes out! As always, great characters and great stories that capture and won’t let go! Thanks again!

  10. I think my favorites are Royce and Brianna in LOVE ME FOREVER since it is the first one that I read of Donna’s books.

  11. I love Cree and Dawn,but also Heather and the Dark Dragon Can’t wait for this new trilogy!!! Love everything you write

  12. That’s just cruel – asking which pair is the favorite :), but I would probably say Cree and Dawn. I just love how their story has unfolded (so far), and I can’t wait for the new one.

  13. I think that It Ronan and Carissa from the Highlanders forbidden Bride are my favourite. Looking forward to this new story

  14. My favourite characters are Cree and Dawn.
    The extract from your new book sounds so exciting ,I cannot wait for June to read it

  15. My favorite book of all is taken by Storm with Burke Longton and of course Storm. I have always loved this book.

  16. Hard to choose just one favorite couple – but I think I loved Trey & Bliss from Wed to a Highland Warrior best!

  17. I fall in love with every hero and heroine that I am reading, but I have to fall back to Cree and Dawn. Those two have been through hell and back and their love only grows stronger. They have a love that is stronger then actual words. The character of Dawn has to be the strongest heroine I know. Not only did she tame a beast, she has also earned the respect of everyone around her.

  18. I loved the story of Paine and Anin in The King’s Executioner! It was such a different kind of book and I was glued to the pages! ❤️

  19. I love and have all your books but I would have to say that this couple is my favorite.
    Moria Maclean and Ian Cameron from Isle of Lies.

  20. Another beautiful story coming yayyyyy

    Loved the excerpt, eagerly waiting for this release

    Out of all the books that i have read, cree and dawn are my favourite. There is something so beautiful about their love and chemistry

  21. After rereading the Dawn and Cree books I’m so in love with their characters. Writing a story where the heroine can’t talk and keep her interesting is a great talent. I loved how Cree was such an alpha man but so loving and tender with Dawn!
    This new book sounds amazing too! I can’t wait to have it in my hands to read!!

  22. Magnus and Reena from Legendary Warrior. That was the first book I read of yours years ago, just after my middle child was born! I remember buying it to take to the hospital to read while she slept. Ha! Ya right.

  23. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Eric and Faith. Their story was the first book I read with you as the author, and it hooked me!

  24. Creed and Dawn, are my all time favorite, I love Paine and Anin,Wrath and Verity, and Talon and Hemera!!!

  25. I’m so sorry to admit this but I just found you. I haven’t had an opportunity to read any of your work yet. I’m sure I’ll fall in love with them all since I love this genre. Thank your for the chance!!!

  26. As much as I love Cree and Dawn, I also love the The Irish Devil and Faith. All your books are my favorite and I can’t wait to read the newest one!

  27. Definitely Eric and Faith. But I love reading all your books. After reading this new excerpt my favourite just might be Epsy and Lord Craven. I Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. pict king. i love this book because i laughed alot from Hermera. everyone thought she was crazy, but the king didn’t. and everything he told her to do she would twist it around where she hadn’t lied to him. it was very entaininv and i reD it all in a lmost one whole day. i read until 2:00 in the morning. i didn’t want to put it down. it wS a wonderful book, but the whole series was good. it’s a must read from Donna Fletcher. believe me the next book segment i’m there.

  29. I love Anin and Paine from The King’s Executioner and I also love Warth and Verity from The King’s Warrior!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  30. I can’t wait for this next series – looks so good! Now for the hard part, choosing my favorite couple! Ahh – there are just so many but I think I have to go with the Dark Dragon and Heather! Love their story and that series as well!

  31. Cece and Dawn also Talon and Hymera from the king and his queen.And my very first book that read Isle of lies with Ian and Moira

  32. OMG!!!!! I can’t wait to read this book, it’s going to be another phenomenal read I just know it! Favourite couple? All of them but just too say I choose one I’d say Rosa and Esteban from the Rancheros Trilogy (but between us this new guy Lord Craven and Espy the healer will be my favourites just don’t mention it to the rest of them lol)
    Thank you Donna your books are always worth the wait even though the waiting is sometimes extremely difficult. GORGEOUS COVER by the way.

  33. King Talon and Hemera are my favorite…but I can not wait for all of the new books coming out…thank you.

  34. I love so many of your books and characters but I have to say that Dawn and Cree are my favorite characters. I don’t know if that is because their books where they first I read of yours or just because they are super awesome characters. I think it is a little of both 🙂

  35. My favorite hero is Cree. I was hooked right away, his attitude and just his obvious love for Dawn. And of course Dawn is also my favorite, even with no voice she is a badass.

  36. My first Donna Fletcher book was Whispers on the Wind. Max and Billie will always hold a special place in my heart.

  37. You are a new author to me so I’m very excited for the opportunity to hopefully win some of your novels!!! Reading other’s post of their favorite couple , it sounds like I need to read your book with Cree and Dawn! I will cross my fingers and hope I will be a lucky winner.

  38. I’ve loved every book of yours that I have ever read, but my favorites are still from the first one I picked up — Return of the Rogue. Cavan and Honora started me down my Donna Fletcher path. 🙂 Can’t wait to see where this one will lead!

  39. I can’t wait for To love a highlander. I have most of your books and keep adding. The first book I read of yours was Whispers on the wind and I have been reading your books ever since. My favorite couple is Brianna and Royce from Love me forever.

  40. I loved Paine and Anin but also Talon and Hemera. Amazing trilogy!! Cree and Dawn, too. Too many great love stories!! Thank you!! Looking forward to more!

  41. Ian and Moira, Cree and Dawn are two of my very favorite couples!! I so enjoy reading all your books. They are wonderfully written and easy to read. I always look forward to your new series. Keep up the excellent writing! Thank you!

  42. I would have to say Eric and Faith have always been my favorite. I love how strong Faith is in dealing with Lord Eric. However Cree and Dawn are a close second.

  43. Faith and Eric from The Irish Devil still remain my favorite even after all these years. I once met a dog named Rook and tried not to smile too much like a weirdo 🙂

  44. Looks like another great read to look forward to. I have read ALL of your books and I must say my favorite is King Talon and his queen, although Cree and Dawn is a close second!! May God continue to bless your gift of writing!

  45. Cree and Dawn will always be mine. Man I love those two. But this new guy sounds fricken awesome. I must have books now…..

  46. i have read a lot of your books several time and they are all my favorite all of couples in
    every book have always pulled me in to the story and kept me there I always felt like I was there with them living the story so thank you

  47. Cree and Dawn but i have to say i love them all. Although i have read Cree and Dawns stories over and over again.

  48. For me it has always been Royce and Brianna. I always go back to their story when I’n waiting for you next book. I hope one day you will do another short story of them again

  49. Eric of Shanekill and Faith and a close second is
    Talon is King of the Picts and Hemera. But truly every one of them have a special place.

  50. My absolute favorite couple has to be Cree and Dawn. I hope you continue to write about them and their family and friends.

  51. Very hard to decide who my favorite couple us. I love Lord Eric and Lady Faith because it was the first book of yours I ever read and I look so forward to your next book about them coming next year but I truly love Cree and Dawn too! I’m very excited your are starting a new trilogy and anxious to read To Love A Highlander!

  52. I love Cree and Dawn! Cree is so great, He had a hard life growing up after his mother died, and having to fend for him and his sister Wintra, and having to make the decision about sending Wintra to an abby. Then finding Dawn in line and waiting to see Cree, It’s like there eyes met, and they couldn’t stop looking at each other. It was so amazing. Then she helps him, when he’s a prisoner, and he feels something for her, for she’s a very strong person. She did give him some pauses for concern. He was a Warrior, Leader, yet strong and tender towards Dawn.

  53. I have enjoyed all of the books I have read by you so it is hard for me to choose one favorite but if I have to name one couple, I would say that would be Sara and Cullen from The Highlander’s Bride. Look forward to reading To Love A Highlander. The excerpt has me intrigued and I love the cover!

  54. Esteban and Rosa

    I love all your hero and heroins but these 2 always has a special place I in my heart. I love how both found love in each others hands inspite of all the troubles that they had in the past it just shows that there is always hope and there is always love.

  55. I love all your characters but my favourite couple is Heather and Rhys from Highlander The Dark Dragon which is a part of the Macinnes Sisters Trilogy. They have sizzling chemistry but their story also develops with a lot of intrigue and I love to see the characters grow in their own ways by the end of the story.

  56. I’ve got my hand on just about all your books and I have to say that Dawn and Creed is on top of my favorite list. Dawn may be handicap but she’s a kind and strong woman, while Creed may be bossy, he’s a tough guy but fair.

  57. I adore the cover for To Love A Highlander, Donna, and the excerpt has me wanting more! My favorite of your H&H’s are Cree and Dawn, and I suspect always will be, although Heather and the Dark Dragon run a close second and the Warrior King series a third and the Pict King… Oh, never mind, except for Cree and Dawn, I can’t pick favorites, lol!

  58. Cree and Dawn are my favorite. Their love goes beyond the scope of what we consider love and relationships today. Wonderful! Look forward to the next edition.

  59. This is so hard!! I really loved Cree and Dawn, but my I really really really loved the Pictures King series. Every single one of those books and the H and h rocked! I guess my very favorite if I were to have to choose would be Hemera and King Talon. My second favorite would be Anin and Paine, and third place would be Verity and Wrath.

  60. Truth be told it’s been a while since I’ve read one of your books. I know I love them though 🙂 Each hero and heroine is just awesome. That said I remember Bryce and Charlotte from A Warrior’s Promise #3 Warrior King <3

  61. King Talon and Hemera are my favorite to date. Every time a new novel comes out by Donna, that couple becomes my favorite. And why didn’t Lord Craven let Espy “try” to save the bairn if Aubrey and bairn were both dead anyway. It would have been lovely if she saved it! Just saying….

  62. I love all of your books! But my most favourite would be Cree and Dawn.

    I love forward to more of your Highland romance books!

  63. Cree and dawn are my favorites. I get so drawn in to there sorry I can’t wait for the next book. And now reading Espy’s I am hoping June comes fast. Thank you for all your wonderful books.

  64. Oh my goodness, how can I pick just one!! I Love all of them!! One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES is Victoria Champers and Sebastian from San Francisco Surrender. Can’t wait to read this one!!


  65. I absolutely fell in love with Dawn & Cree and have been thoroughly entertained through all their triumphs and tribulations. Although I do love ALL your books – you rock!!

  66. Donna, you’re asking for a slightly impossible task. Every hero and heroine from your stories that has captured us in some way. I can only narrow it down to three: Eric and Faith; Cree and Dawn; and Talon and Hemera. These are the stories I reread the most. I loved the excerpt from the new book and I can’t wait for its release. Also looking forward to the new Cree and Dawn series. You are truly my favorite author!!!

  67. This is hard:
    1. Eric and Faith
    2. Cree and Dawn
    3. Bryce and Charlotte
    I couldn’t just name one.

    This excerpt has me more than intrigued. I’m very excited!!!

  68. really can’t wait to read this book!!! But so far my favorites are dawn and cree ive read the 3 books and the 4 short stories.The Sinclair brothers started my Donna Fletcher journey in just one mnth i finished that series ,dawn andcree,and the twin series starting the warrior king tonght

  69. Cree and Dawn are my favorite couple! I keep going back to their stories, reading them again and again! I am looking forward to their new story!
    This new series has be intrigued, cannot wait to read it! Thank you for the excerpt!

  70. Every time I reread one of your books, that couple is my favorite.. right now I am rereading The King & His Queen, so Hemera and Talon…

  71. I liked Cullen and Sara in the Highlander’s Bride. It was the first book of Donna’s I read and really enjoyed it. Since then, I have read some of the other books.

  72. Talon and Heather, are my favorites. But it is so hard to pick favorites, your books are so wonderful. Thanks for this chance!

  73. Cree and Dawn are still my favorites. A lot of couples have come a close second, but so far no couple has surpassed them. I just love them together.

  74. So I have been a fan since the early years of Donna Fletcher. I have all of the books, most are paperback and the recent ones are digital. The one story that is used more than the others is The Dark Warrior, with Mary and Michael. I don’t know what it is about this story but I am just captivated by the strength of Mary and the compassion of Michael. The power struggle of Michael between “In order to do what’s right, I have to do this” and “In order to do right by her, I have to do this”. It’s heartbreaking and lifting when Mary asserts her own struggle of “Living the life I know” and “Living my life with the man I love”.

    I was so happy to see a similar relationship with Talon and Hemera. After reading their struggles I had to go back and read Mary and Michael.

  75. I love all your characters, but Cree and Dawn are my favorites. I have read and re-read so many of your books over and over. can’t wait for this new series. just got my free copy and ordered the next one can’t wait to get started. when i’m feeling a little down, I just grab my kindle and start reading and you take me to another place and time–no worries!! love your books, so please don’t ever stop writing!!

  76. I must have read all your books . My favourites have to be Cree and Dawn,Eric and Faith from the Irish Devil,and I cannot wait for the third book in this trilogy.

  77. I love your books. They take us away to older places and times that were steeped in war and greed. But you make it all seem worthwhile for the love stories you write. Thank you.

  78. I have enjoyed all your books, but I really loved the Dark Dragon and Heather. I’m looking forward to reading To Love a Highlander when it comes out.

  79. Cree and Dawn for me, you have such a great
    way with words, I put you up there with
    among the best…so enjoyable, thanks for the

    true romantics (all of us readers) for giving us many hours of enjoyment!

  80. Looks like Cree and Dawn are forefront winners, but alas, not for me. Whilst I did love the duo, my favourites are Tarr and Fiona from ‘The Daring Twin’. I dearly love Aliss as well 🙂

  81. Hemera and Talon from the King and His Queen. Those are my favorites so far. I love Cree and Dawn and actually all of your crew. Just hanging in there until you write more. I cherish these books and live through all of their fantasies!!!! Love the face of your little puppy too!!! Thanks Donna

  82. I absolutely love Dawn and Cree as many of the others do, however picking a favorite would be impossible for me.

  83. I love your books! The idea that there is one special person destined to be yours and vice versa no matter what … it would have to be Trey and Bliss … my fav couple

  84. I continue to enjoy reading and re-reading all the books and the stories in particular the Pict King Series. If I had to pick at this moment it would be the hero Eric from The Irish Devil and heroine Mercy from Bound to a Warrior.

  85. I don’t have a favorite couple, since I have not yet read any of your books. But from looking at the comments, maybe I should start with Cree and Dawn!

  86. As much as I love all the heroes and heroines of your books, there’s no doubts that Dawn is my most favorite and Cree my second. Though she lack of hearing, she’s intelligent, has big heart and compassion for others, strength within herself and a survivor that I admire in a woman.

  87. It’s definitely between Dawn and Cree or Hemera and Talon. Whenever I want to reread your books those couples are usually my first picks.

  88. Each of the characters in your books are memorable but my all time favorite couple is Eric and Faith (The Irish Devil). I love the entire book. Chapter 32 is one of my favorite part of the book. I love the passion which Eric expresses when he argues with Faith’s father and then when Faith is crying with Bridget upon hearing how he always wanted her which only solidified their love. This book had romance and intrigue. I love it and I continue to read it especially when I want to indulge in my own fantasy of meeting my own Irish Devil.

    I’m looking forward to reading your new book and thank you for your work. 🙂

  89. There are so many to choose from but I have to say Hemera and Talon! I am on pins and needles waiting for this new book to release.

  90. Dawn & Cree; but i just finished The King and His Queen, so also Hemera & Talon. I think Hemera is one of my favorite heroines.

  91. Greetings. Can’t wait for this new trilogy!

    My favorite couple is Talon and Hemera. Even when Anin and Paine where a wonderful couple, seeing Talon becoming a “human” due to Hemera simple ways, melted my heart.These very strong Alphas loving so deeply their women, and being “delicate” just to them, made my heart full.

    • Hi Adeena,
      I was hoping to get the book out in June but life seems to interfere in best laid plans. It will be some time this month but I don’t have an exact date yet.

  92. Eric and Faith are my very favorites, I re read the book so many times it fell apart and I had to buy another copy. Lol.

  93. Briana and Royce that were in LOVE ME FOREVER are the ones I remember the best. I have read several of your books and enjoyed them all. I really liked the story of Briana and Royce.

  94. Well! I really love all of them. I really can’t say which of them I really like. I think it would be Eric and Faith. But there are so many great characters to read and fall in love with. Magnus and Reena, Paine and Anna, how can you choose!!!!

  95. Ronan and Carissa are my favorite! Their journey to each other was entertaining and powerful. I have read this book over and over and over!

  96. Cannot wait for the new book! This is a tough one but would have to go with the majority it seems! Cree and Dawn!

  97. Hard to pick just one, but Cree and Dawn are at the top. Although the Pict King series follows very closely.

  98. Victoria Chambers and Sebastian Blood. San Francisco Surrender was the first book of yours I ever and it is still my favorite.

  99. I love Cree and Dawn. The stubbornness of Dawn and the rigidity of Cree makes for such amazing chemistry!!! I’m obsessed!!!

  100. Hi Donna! I have to be honest with you and tell you that I’m new to your books! I really love Scottish romances and would love to give them a chance! Thank you for this giveaway! The cover of ‘To Love A Highlander’ is stunning!

  101. I love historical romance and have several of your books. Sadly, so many books, so little time. I have yet to read them. I know though, that I will love them all!

  102. Oh wow. Such a hard decision picking my favorite couple. But I would have to go with Cree and Dawn. The love story they share is beyond words amazing.

  103. I love Pain and Anin! I also adore Wrath and Verity! Cree and Dawn follow close behind these two. The Pict King series has a special place in my heart :).

  104. All of your books are amazing. I own a lot of books and reread most but I have reread all of yours many times. It goes without saying that Dawn and Cree are my favorite. Thank you so much for creating the characters and continuing he saga.

  105. Cree and Dawn are my favorites but I love your stories and always keep an eye out for something new from you or something that I may have missed along the way…can wait for the next read………..

  106. Cree & Dawn! By far this is one of the best couples ever! To take a situation as Dawns being mute and make her as strong and capable as any other woman and then to pair her with someone as incredible as Cree…brilliant! I love Dawns compassion and strength and I love how Cree is strong enough to acknowledge and accept her disability. Beautiful couple. Thank you for introducing them into my world!

  107. Cree and Dawn are my favorites but I love your stories and always keep an eye out for something new from you or something that I may have missed along the way…can’t wait for the next read………..

  108. Cree and Dawn are my favorites but I love your stories and always keep an eye out for something new from you or something that I may have missed along the way…can’t wait for the next read………..

  109. Cree and Dawn .love that he loves her, with a disability. Love the ideal that the hero or heiress are not perfect. love all your books too. some are my keepers

  110. My favorite are Eric and Faith from the Irish Devil. I fell in love with their story!! I got hooked and have read everything yo have written ever since.

  111. Ms. Fletcher I have enjoyed every book of yours I have read. Well written and and engaging, your heroines are strong and your heroes are dominant but honorable. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  112. Cree and Dawn are my favorites. But I like all of the medieval heroes and heroines. Talon and Hemera have a special place too.

  113. I have to say it’s a toss up between Paine and Anin and Talon and Hemera but then again I loved Cree and Dawn what a dilemma.
    Can’t wait for the next series.

  114. I love all your heros. But if I was to pick two it would be Dawn &a Cree and Talon & Hermera. I like that all your women are strong and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Your men are strong enough not to be intimated by a strong women. I love it. Thank you for sharing you gift with us.

  115. My favorite hero & Heroine are Rogan & Emma. I love how Rogan loves Emma so completely & he is a fierce warrior. I love how Emma is such a strong heroine & compliments Rogan very well. They are certainly meant to be together. Their story is my favorite by far.

  116. Cree and Dawn is and will always be my favorite, partly because they were my first books to read of yours and partly because they are the perfect match for each other. You wrote them so well, that I am unsure if anyone could knock them off the top.

  117. I really love all your books so picking out just one couple is hard as I really love them all. Narrowing it down to one couple, I would have to say Honora and Cavan from Return of the Rogue.

  118. This is really difficult as I love them all, but I loved the Irish Devil, but if I must choose a favorite it has to be Hamera and Talon what a wonderful, touching story….


  119. My favorites are Paine and Anin so far. To be fair, I haven’t gotten around to reading the rest yet 🙂

  120. I am also a Cree and Dawn fan. People talk about his bravery where Cree is concerned. But we should all look deeper. Dawn had a disability that in those times should have left her dead. She is the brave one, she continued to live with her disability, she makes me want to live thru mine. Cree is strong but she is too! And the love they share is something dreams are made of. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  121. I love all your books but Eric in Irish Devil was my 1st read of yours and will always be my favorite reminder.

  122. Rogan MacClennan and Emma Macinnes from The Highlander’s Stolen Heart are my favorites. Emma is spunky with a passion for learning and knowledge. Rogan has no future with the youngest sister. He needs to marry Heather, the eldest but he is drawn to the youngest sister.

  123. I have to admit it’s been a while since I’ve read one of your books…I’ve loved them all! I do remember Bryce MacAlpin from A Warrior’s Promise. I gave the book 5 stars on Goodreads <3 Thanks for the giveaway and I wish you the best on your release.

  124. Cree & Dawn and Estaban & Rosalita.
    Love anything highlander, but I also fell in love with Renegade Love. The story between Estaban and Rosalita was wonderful.

  125. Hard to pick just be of each, but my favourites are Eric and Faith. Irish Devil was the first book of yours that I read and now I am hooked.

  126. Hard to pick just one of each, but my favourites are Eric and Faith. Irish Devil was the first book of yours that I read and now I am hooked.

  127. CAVAN & HONORA all time favorite! Hope to see another short story or book again soon. This is the book that started my love for historical romance, so THANK YOU for them!!!

  128. Donna,
    You are by far my favorite author I have read almost all your books and always looking forward to your new ones. There are so many favorite couples here they are in order.

    Eric and Faith
    Royce and Brianna
    Colin and Hope
    Cavan and Honora
    Cree and Dawn

    I can go on and on keep writing the great work that you do and always looking forward to new books and continuation of other books.

    One of your BIGGEST Fans
    Lisamarie Higgins

  129. I love your work – it’s seriously so hard to choose!! But, I would have to choose Paine & Anin and Royce & Brianna.

  130. I do love Cree and Dawn and they were the ones who got me hooked on your writing. However I also love Rosa and Esteban!!

  131. My favorite books that you have written are the Cree and Dawn books. I have read them over and over. They are my favorite books out of all the books I have ever read. Thank you!!

  132. Cree and Dawn are my best couple though I love all your books. I love how Cree accepts Dawn’s inability to speak and treat her as a normal lady with a voice. I have read all the series and hoping for more. Thank you for the wonderful stories.

  133. Cree and Dawn and Eric and Faith. I like that no matter what has happened to them they never give up and they just push back harder. It seems like they say you can knock me down all you want but I will hit back twice as hard.

  134. Although I love Cree and Dawn, I think my favorite is Royce and Brianna. I love that he is so protective of her and takes care of her. You can tell he loves her so much and will do anything for her. You are an amazing writer! Everyone of your books grab hold of the reader and make it impossible to put the book down until the end, and then can’t wait to read another.

  135. MY favorite series is The Pict King. My favorite characters are Talon and Hemera. Loved how Hemera doesn’t let Talon scare her. She does what she thinks is right,even if it upsets Talon. Love , love these two. Want more from this series, maybe children stories.

  136. My favorites are Pain & Anon from the pic series.
    I love how you describe how both characters look at themselves. And how they are viewed by others.
    But most importantly how they see each other. And how love grows because they see in each other what others fail to see (sadly even themselves). Its so like true love.

  137. My favourites are Bliss and Trey MacAlpin from Wed to a Highland Warrior from The Warrior King series. It was the finale of four interwoven stories and I loved Bliss and her special powers and the way she met Trey.

  138. Cree and Dawn are hands down my favorite! All your books are great but this couples journey was a pure masterpiece and each new short story you publish seems better than the last. I will always want more of Cree and Dawn!

  139. Can’t pick just one. Belinda and Max from Whispers on the Wind and Catherine and Cap’t Lucifer from the Buccaneer.

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