14 thoughts on “DonnaFletcher_MyHighlander_200

  1. Can”t wait…. i have re-read Cree and Dawns stories so many times,,They are a couple for the ages. I check your website for any news of them..so happy to see you have not forgotten us diehard fans…

  2. I love Cree and Dawn!! Please don’t make us wait too long for it!! I practically have the first 3 books memorized. I am having Cree and Dawn withdrawals! I cant wait for this book, it looks fantastic!!!

  3. Can’t wait. If we have to wait till 2018, please let the release be January. Love, love, love Cree and Dawn.

  4. It’s Torture!!! to be so close but so far away!!!! oh well! at least we know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

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