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  1. Just finished The King’s Executioner, which was so good I am anxiously awaiting the next two!!. Great covers. True visualization of The Executioner!

  2. I am looking forward to reading wrath’s story. I was hoping you would do one on him after meeting him in the King’s Executioner.

  3. Just finished the executioner. Things I appreciated in the writing of this book are the empathy between the main characters without seeming to be overly mushy. I also enjoy seeing the sensitive side to the male character as men are actually more romantic in thought than women( think about who writes all the love songs). Lastly, the imaginative presentation of the Pict and their ancestors the Wyse. A little fantasy goes a long way. Thanks!

  4. I can’t wait for this to be released! You are by far one of my favorite Authors. I loved the Kings Executioner.

  5. I finished the first book and want the new one out yesterday, lol. I have all your books and as long as you write them i will get them/

  6. Have loved all your books . I really like this new series King’s Warrior. The first book I read in no time,everything was left undone til finish the book. Keep on write books in the era.

    You are my most favorite author. I know that with your books I can never put them down. Dawn and Creed series I love. Know I am hooked on this picture series I just finished the kings warrior. Read it in one day could not put down. Now I am looking forward to reading the king and his queen. I know for me it is coming out at a good time. I think it said it is coming this Feb 2017. Buying and reading the third book is going to be a great b-day gift since it is Feb. Can not wait to find out what other great books you having coming soon.

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