Win a copy of The King’s Warrior before it’s released!

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I’m thrilled to reveal the cover of The King’s Warrior, 2nd book in The King Pict Series. Tentative release date September.

To celebrate I’m giving away three advanced reading copies of The King’s Warrior before it’s release date, leave a comment here and you’ll be entered. The three winners will be chosen and notified and posted here just before the release date.

Watch for excerpts starting in August!

A big thank to Kim Killion for another fabulous cover!

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164 thoughts on “Win a copy of The King’s Warrior before it’s released!

  1. Love,love your books. Read Bound By A Warrior, in Jan of 2012 and was hooked. Went to several used book stores and brought as many as you had written so far.From that day forward went to amazon to keep up with new books. In 2013 a got a Kindle,so I could get your e-books. I absolutely loved THE KING’S EXECUTIONER. Cannot wait for THE KING’WARRIOR. Please pick me.

  2. I’ve just finished reading The King’s Executioner for the second time…LOVE IT and I’m so excited for The King’s Warrior. Thank you for writing a book/series that keeps me up all night reading because I just can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  3. What an awesome series! I’ve read all your books and I love them, I think this series will rival for a place as my favourite with The Macinnes Sisters . I really can’t wait to read The Kings Warrior! Thank you for the many hours of reading enjoyment!!!!

  4. I’m so excited! I LOVE the 3 series if yours I’ve read even though I didn’t think I would originally before I picked up the Dark Dragon Series then I found I had to re-read it 3 times before moving on! So I’m very much drawn in & anticipating the next of these! Although I will leave one small thing. Idk if it was just my version on Kindle or not but I was upset that Paines eye color kept switching. One page was blue then flip the page & they were brought green. But that’s secondary! The story drew ne in as it did before work the Dark Dragon & I couldn’t put the book down if my’m life depended on it! & I’ll go to slap tonight with the characters & book dull running thru ny head! A sure fire sign that it was fantastic! Thanks!

  5. OMG Cree and Dawn story is just released and then this! You are awesome donna, I have all your books and always re read them time to time, everytime your books come out I feel really excited to the bone. I don’t care about winning or not I would still purchase your books to support you. Much much muccchhhh love from Indonesia Donna

  6. I can’t wait for the King’s Warrior, I really enjoyed The King`s Executioner and can’t wait for the next part of the story. I have always enjoyed reading about the highlanders but had not heard of the Pic people so I found this really interesting.

  7. I have read many of your books on both nook and kindle. I just finished the king executioner and can’t wait for the next one

  8. PATIENTLY WAITING!!! It’s hard to put these two words together when it comes to your stories. There’s a wealth of wisdom and passion in your writing and it takes time to create perfection. Thank you for creating worlds and characters where we can escape everyday life. Thank you for reminding us that there are blessings even during the hard times and if we “patiently wait”, our endings are definitely better than are beginnings.

  9. Love how this series is differnet from all the rest. I love your work and these have a nice new twist to them. I can not wait to see where this story leads next. You are one of a few authors that I can read over and over and it is still just as good as the first read.

  10. Donna,Please Hurry!! I love everyone of your books,I have read and re-read them all.Can’t wait for Wrath’s story.Also looking forward to many more books from you,I get excited when i see that a new book is coming from you.

  11. Hi Donna!
    I love all your books and I can’t wait for this one to come out! Thank you for all the great adventures.

  12. Omg thank you for the giveaway can’t! Love all your books so excited whenever a new releases comes out can’t wait and thank you again! ☺

  13. you are just to wonderful to give 3 e copies of an early release. the very 1st book I ever read of yours was the Irish Devil. I fell in love with Eric so much and have been falling in love every time I read any of your books. Please never stop writing…

  14. I Love Your books. I read Isle of Lies when it first came out and I’ve been hooked since then.
    LOVED Paine’s story, can’t wait for Wrath’s. You Rock!!! Also can’t wait for Sloan’s story.

  15. Oh, the covers of these two books, with all the tattoos, are absolutely gorgeous! Greetings from your fan from Croatia!

  16. Really looking forward to this book and getting to know more about some of the characters I met in the kings executioner.

  17. I absolutely love your work, it was ‘The Bewitching Twin’ that first managed to hook me into the romance novel world and I was only thirteen years old at the time! Looking forward to reading your newest addition to the ever growing literary collection!

  18. Absolutely LOVE your books! I often re-read them too. I own several in paperback and Kindle, sometimes the same book! I wish you continued success in your writing!!

  19. I need a NEW book from you!! I basically read through your whole inventory multiple times! So far, The Executioner is my favorite and I cannot wait for the next book to come out! Please, please pick me bc the edge of my seat is getting pretty worn down! Thank you!

  20. Omg! I’m so excited, I absolutely loved the King’s Executioner and I can’t wait for the second book!

  21. I’m looking forward to the second book about Wrath. I just finished The King’s Executioner for the 2nd time!

  22. I think my Nook library has just about every single book written by Donna Fletcher! Every book is great. Cannot wait for The King’s Warrior. Just re-read the King’s Executioner for the third time. I made my husband drive the whole out of town trip so that I could read my book.

  23. I have all of Donna Fletchers books. I can’t wait for Kings Warrior! Thank you for the chance to win it.

  24. Hi,i’m your biggest fan and has read all your books. My all time favourite are the Rancheros series and of course the highlanders, however when i have read the Executioner, i know that i have fall deeply in love with the book so much and cannot wait for the other 2 books. Keep up the good work, keep us entertaining and surprise us with the upcoming stories!!!

  25. Love this cover! Love this series, winning this book would make my day, can’t wait to see what ‘s in store for this hero!

  26. I really enjoy your books. I love getting the emails updating us on new books coming out. I always love starting a new Donna Fletcher book.

  27. The King’s Executioner is a great book. I can hardly wait to read your next book The King’s Warrior. I have read romance books since my high school days in the 70’s and you are my favorite author. I have all your books on my Nook and love them all but my favorites are anything with Dawn and Cree and The Irish Devil. Thank you in advance for the chance to win. Thank you for always taking me to another place and time. Keep the great stories coming!

  28. Loved The Kings Executioner! Have been reading your books for years and live them all…although I think Cree & Dawn have to be my favorites. Waiting for Sloan to have his happy ever after!

  29. Absolutely loved Cree and Dawn’s stories, but loved the uniqueness of the King’s Executioner. Can’t wait for book 2!!

  30. I am so so very excited about both upcoming releases! I can’t wait to read both!

    Thank you for being my favorite writer!!

  31. Wow! Can’t believe that the Rangeros series book 3 is finally going to be here !
    Can’t wait . All your books are awesome and so enjoyable to read thank you for giving us many hours of reading pleasure !

  32. I drooled when I seen the cover!!!! I can’t wait for the book to come out!!! I have re-read The King’s Executioner three times now! I love it 🙂

  33. I love getting a new Beginning book in a series because then I go back and re read all the previous ones and then read the new release. I loved the Kings executioner and am thrilled to be able to enter this comp for the Kings warrior.
    Thank you

  34. Love your books! Keep them coming. I can’t wait to read your newest series. I’ve had a little bit of a problem finding your books locally, but , I’ll find them! I’m a daily reader, this is my escape from lifes little disasters, into a world of romance and adventure, with a man of my dreams, in places you make so real, I feel like I’m there. Thank You.

  35. Wwwaaahhhh!! Cannot say I loved the “King’s Executioner”, I have it but am holding off reading until I have “The King and His Queen” in my hot little hand, so that I can read the whole trilogy all together. Maybe I will have to do as Keryn does and just re-read the lead-up books each time a new one comes out – but then that leaves me frustrated because I want the next one. Am going to be in a mess whichever way I go!

  36. So little is really known about the Picts, that it is always great when an author takes the existing knowledge and then using their imagination tell us a story! Can’t wait for the second book! And as we’ll be walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in September, it would be fantastic to have the book earlier!

  37. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your books! You are an amazing writer! I can’t wait to get my hands on your next book in the Pict series! I’m also anxiously waiting for your next book about Cree and Daen!

  38. Cheers to you Donna, I can’t wait to get hold of this…. As always you never stop to amazed me, I know this will surly be a great hit as like your other books. Good Luck and continue inspiring us with your stories….

  39. I hate waiting to read the next book in a series, so I keep forcing myself to hold off on King’s Executioner — even though it’s sitting on my Kindle, taunting me every time I open it up! The cover reveal for book two just makes me want to dive in that much more. Guess I’ll just have to reread the first come September! 🙂

  40. Every night after work I read and have to choose between forwarding the page in my kindle or closing it. Life is about a good book and author that knows how to make fantasy come alive in their characters. I patiently wait for your books to take me there through the Pict series! Loved the Kings Executioner!

  41. I have read and reread all of your books!! I fall in love every single time with the H&H. I know it’s an impossibility for you to write as quickly as I read and have been waiting patiently for you to write The Kings Warrior! Please keep them coming.

  42. Thank you for this chance! I read the King’s Executioner, and loved it! Excited and looking forward to The King’s Warrior!

  43. Hi, thank you for the opportunity. I loved your books, so it would be so awesome to win The King’s Warrior. Good luck to everyone.

  44. Donna, I simply love all your writing! Great stories, wonderful plots to look forward to in each book. Out of all the books I read, yours are my favourite. You never faulter or disappoint. Thanks for all your hard work making wonderful, enjoyable reads.

  45. I love the new covers, Donna – and just finished Highlander’s Rescue. The Cree and Dawn short stories are so wonderful, I’d love to see another full length novel with those two (they are among my top favorite romance couples). Very much looking forward to The King’s Warrior and the next Cree and Dawn novella.

  46. Can’t wait for the King’s Warrior to be released. Love all your books, however my two favorite books are The Buccaneer and Rebellious Bride. I laughed myself silly reading these two books. You will always be my favorite author and I wait with baited breath for this new release.

  47. Looking forward to Book 2 of the Kings Warrior. I love that you not only make your books addictive but moat of your srories are on series form. Therefore you are able to become
    Intimate with each character and a part of the story. Anxiously waiting.

  48. I love your books started reading them in 2015 and had to purchase everything you’ve written. Cree and Dawn series habe me hooked. The Pict King series captured Mr from page one in the King’s Executioner can’t wait to read the King’s Warrior

  49. Very excited for next release. I have read all your historical romance books and love them all! Cree and Dawn are my most favorite couple…”nobody touchs what is mine”…says Cree…sigh!

  50. I can hardly wait for the 2nd book in the series! I loved the King’s Executioner! September can’t come fast enough!

  51. I fell in love with your books years ago, starting with The Irish Devil. After that I couldn’t read them fast enough. I’m always eager to see a new book on the way. Thank you Donna, for so many hours of enjoyment!!!

  52. I have read almost all of your books and love them all. I put off reading The King’s Executioner because I just wasn’t sure how you could pull that off, but Oh. My. Goodness!!! Your mad writing skills did it again. I had to immediately reread it to get over my book hangover so that I could move on to another book.

  53. Just finished reading ‘King’s Executioner’. I loved it. My favourites will always be Dawn and Cree’s story, But I can’t wait to read more of your stories yet to come =)

  54. The “King’s Executioner” was completely amazing! I am so excited about this next book with the smokin’ hot cover. Thank you for being such an incredible author who manages to entrap me into every one of your stories.

  55. I loved ‘King’s Executioner’ anything Viking related actually, I literally did not want to put my e-book down! I have read it now 3 times and keep falling in love with Paine again and again, Anin’s curiosity is so endearing and her honesty shines through all the situations she finds herself in. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book 🙂

  56. First book of yours that I read was “Irish Devil”, and I was hooked. It was included in a Nook bundle called, “Brides”! After that, I hungrily read more and more of your books. Just finished “The King’s Executioner”. You never disappoint! Can’t wait to read Wrath’s story in “The King’s Warrior”!

  57. First book of yours that I ever read was “Irish Devil” included in a Nook book bundle called, “Brides”. I was hooked! Since then I have hungrily read most of your books. Just finished “The King’s Executioner”, and you never disappoint! I eagerly wait Wrath’s story in “The King’s Warrior”!

  58. I have certain authors that I read everything that they write and Donna Fletcher is one of them. I am waiting anxiously for her new book. It would be so great to win it

  59. I loved the first book in this series and have reread it like 10 times and would love to win a copy of the next book. Thank you so much for the chance to win

  60. I can not wait for the 2nd book. Sept. is to far away. I read the first one all the way thru with out stopping. That’s how I read all Donna Fletcher’s books. You are such a great writer. I’m disabled and reading your books help me forget my troubles, I want to thank you for that. Thank you for a chance to win a copy, I hope I win.

  61. The cover for the King’s Executioner pulled me in and had me eagerly awaiting its release. Now the cover for The King’s Warrior has me just as eagerly awaiting Wrath’s story. Kim Killion does an amazing job matching the book covers to how you describe the characters. Looking forward to the September release.

  62. Oh my. How did this book get by me? I’m ordering The King’s Executioner today. It seems to everything I want in a book. And that cover..’nuff said?

  63. I just want to say thank you for writing. My mother has a rare cancer and reading helps relieve stress. I hope you know what a gift you are to people everywhere. Thank you love all your books

  64. LOVE all your books. So excited to see where this series goes. My September just got a whole lot better!!! Thank you for writing Donna!

  65. I loved The King’s Executioner and I am so excited about The King’s Warrior. One of the reasons I read books is to escape into another world and The King’s Executioner was such a unique story and world expertly woven by Ms. Fletcher that I can’t wait until I get my hands on the next one.

  66. Ms.Grant, you by far are my favorite author! In this crazy world you help me to escape it for a little while. The excerpt was great but now I cannot wait for the release! Again thanks for helping me believe in a time when life was simpler maybe harder and where women can depend on a man! And a man could depend on a woman, if only for love and comfort!

  67. Bound To A Warrior is my all time favourite book. I have read all your historical romances many times; absolutely love. I was thrilled when the pict series came out and am dying to read the second book in the series. Donna Fletcher is by far my favourite romance writer!

  68. (You get me right in my heart), looking forward to this new book, you are amazing with words, I just lost my husband of 45 years, and your book “Love Me Forever” will always be my “Motto” and favorite!

    I had the best husband, I re-read this after my husband died late at night to keep my broken
    heart from hurting so much, Thank You for your amazing books. Romance is so much a part of me
    and you put it on paper for all of us to enjoy!
    You have an amazing gift!

  69. I cannot wait for this book. Payne and Anin’s story was great and the beginning of another great series by you. I love your characters and they become so real to me which is why I love your books so much. Cree and Dawn are my favorite couple with Lachlyn and Alyce second and then Emma and Rogan tied with Paine and Anin for third. I’m sure with the little bit I read about Wrath, he’ll be in the running as well. Again, cannot wait for this book.

  70. Donna, can’t wait for the Kings Warrior. Though my all time favorites are Dawn and Cree! Can I pretty order the Kings Warrior now?

  71. Donna, please don’t ever stop writing.I have read all your historical romances and I feel like I am there in person and am part of it all. I am in the middle of the Kings Executioner and can’t make myself put it down. You have turned me into an addict and I love you for it.Can’t wait for the King’s Warrior to come out.hope you already have another one in the you

  72. You are by far the best historical romance author EVER.
    I love the first book of this series and I’m very sure I’ll love the next

  73. I love all your series! Each new one makes me go back to read the others finding things I missed but no chance in forcing me to pick… Each book is your labor of love & I thank you for the tremendous effort!

  74. I love your books. I have been following you for past few years. I have enjoyed every book I have read. I loved the first book of this series and cannot wait for more.

  75. Hi, just got a copy of The King’s Executioner and would like to be entered to win a copy of The King’s Warrior. I have several paperbacks and a few e-books written by you and I enjoyed them all. Thank you Susan Qualls

  76. Hi, just got a copy of The King’s Executioner and would like to be entered to win a copy of The King’s Warrior. I have several paperbacks and a few e-books written by you and I enjoyed them all. Thank you Susan Qualls hahaha didn’t think the first one took.

  77. You are new to me. I have yet to read any of your books. Reading through
    all the entries I feel the excitement and appreciation of your work. It is time for me to try your work and start another TBR pile. I read print books best.
    I am getting another Kindle the I figure out which is best for me. Would love to win this book.

  78. I am your most loyal reader. I’ve read everything you’ve written and have loved them all. I know I’ll love The King’s Warrior as much as I’ve loved everything else that you’ve written. Can’t wait!
    Thank you for the chance to win one of the books you’re giving away.

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