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Cover Reveal & Excerpt…Highlander’s True Love


Cree entered the Great Hall with angry strides and stopped abruptly when the lone woman in the room turned away from the table, she had been bent over, to face him. Her beauty startled him for a moment, though he showed no signs of it. Dark ringlets fell around her lovely, unmarred face and neck from the mass of curls pinned atop her head and her large blue eyes glared at him as she tossed her chin up defiantly. She took a stance as if prepared for battle, though she could not keep her shoulders from slumping. She showed strength as well as exhaustion.

Cree was about to speak when she stepped aside to reveal a sleeping child on the top of the table. His light brown hair had threads of gold running through it, resembling Cree’s hair coloring, but his features bore no signs of Cree. Even with smudges on his face, he was a handsome child and looked well fed, not like his mother who was far too thin.

“He is your son. I named him Aidan. He is two years now.”

“So you say,” Cree said, approaching her slowly.

“I speak the truth.”

“Again so you say, but what reason do I have to believe you?” He stopped a few feet from her. “Why wait two years to claim him as mine?”

The woman stared at him a moment as if at a loss for words, then rushed to say, “He needs his father.”

“And so you chose me?”

“Like you chose me that night,” she said, forcing her shoulders back and her head up.

“And what night was that?” He folded his arms across his broad chest and settled his dark eyes that could intimidate the bravest of souls on her.

The woman took a step back. “It was a cold winter’s night and you sought shelter from the unfavorable weather at my family’s croft near Loch Rannoch. You asked me to warm your bed and I obliged.”

He had sought shelter from farmers now and again, though he had provided them with much needed items in exchange for their generosity.  There was just one problem with her story.

“Never would I have been so disrespectful as to proposition a daughter of a farmer who granted me shelter.”

Her face flushed red. “It was I who sought your bed.”

Her response troubled him, for that had happened on rare occasions Mostly, when he had been celibate far too long from far too many battles. He would spend a whole night appeasing his hunger only to poke the woman once again before leaving the next morning. But had she been one of the very few women?

Another question begged to be asked. “How can you be so sure the lad is mine?”

“I knew no other man before you or after you,” she said with great pride.

“So you say, but again it is only your word I have.”

Her chin went up a notch. “It is all I have left. My da was killed by a band of mercenaries a few days after you left. I was not there at the time or I would have suffered at their hands before meeting the same fate. I went to live with my sister, but her husband took ill and she could barely feed their family on what little they had. I knew it was time for me to seek you out and ask that you be a father to your son.”

“It is a good story you weave,” Cree said.

Before he could say more, the woman said, “It is the truth,” —she pointed to her sleeping son— “and he is proof of what I say.”

“He could be anyone’s son,” Cree argued his thoughts turning to Dawn and how she would feel when she heard of this.

“But he is not anyone’s son. He is your son.” She shook her head. “I cannot believe you do not remember me. You were so kind to me that night. I shall never forget how loved you made me feel.”

“I have been with many women and believe me when I say that if I bedded a woman as beautiful as you I would have remembered it.”

Her eyes turned wide, but not at his words, her glance had settled on something behind him and he knew who she was looking at. His heart clenched in his chest.

Cree turned and faced his wife.

Highlander’s True Love a Cree & Dawn Short Story coming in February!


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Cree & Dawn return in a short story…


Highlander Unchained picReaders have been asking for more about Cree & Dawn, so coming sometime in February is Highlander’s True Love, a Cree & Dawn short story.

It has been over a month since the twins were born and Cree and Dawn are eager to have a night alone. But a problem arises that threatens not only their evening together but much more.

A woman and two year old lad have arrived at the keep with some startling news. She claims that Cree is the father of her son and she wants Cree to accept him as such.

Cree demands that Dawn leave the issue for him to handle and he has his hands full getting her to obey him, especially when Dawn learns that the woman claims that she is the mighty Cree’s first true love.

Cover reveal coming soon.

Vacation & Highlanders

Sean Moon Bay Condo Key Largo 2014You would think that I could take a vacation and leave my Highlanders behind, but such is not the case. I recently returned from a lovely vacation with my oldest son and his family in Key Largo, Florida. It was so relaxing. I got to enjoy time in the pool with my ten year old grandson and had challenging ping pong tournaments with him.


Pelican at Robbies Islamorada Fl

My grandson loved feeding the tarpons at Robbies in Islamorada, though the Christmas tree Key West 2014pelicans wanted their share. And a day in Key West decked out in its Christmas finery was fabulous!



sunset Moon Bay condo Key Largo

Sunsets were spectacular and delicious meals with unforgettable Lunch Sundowners Key Largo 2014views added to the wonderfully memorable vacation.



So where did my Highlanders enter into all this? They joined me on the lanai in the early morning after the sun had just risen, and my family still slept, and filled my head with wonderful stories. One familiar and persistent Highlander had me taking notes and smiling. He and the heroine are favorites of mine and I have missed them. His short story grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go.

So he will get his way and have his story told. Look for news coming soon on who it will be. And take a guess if you’d like.

What’s next?

I’m busy working on the third and final book in the Macinnes Sisters Trilogy and I must say that the Dark Dragon challenges me at every turn. I can’t wait to introduce him to you. Cover reveal coming end of January 2015!


What comes after that? The Vikings are coming! You’ll learn more about the Vikings in the coming months.


And perhaps there will be a surprise in between both. :)

Stay tuned for more…

A taste of the Dark Dragon

A brief scene from Highlander’s Rebellious Love where Patience comes face to face, sort of, with the Dark Dragon.

DonnaFletcher_TheHighlandersRebelliousLove_200pxWith Patience’s arrow returned to the cache and her bow draped over it, she started foraging. Many plants still needed maturing, while some young plants could be tasty. Wild onions were tasty at any time and would flavor a weed stew as Heather liked to refer to it. She had shown Patience and Emma how to easily cook one if it should ever prove necessary and Patience wished she could hug her right now for having taught them.

She circled around to make her way back to the cottage with enough plants to make a filling stew, when a voice called out in her head.

He comes!

Patience dropped the armful of plants and grabbed for her bow, but before she could reach for an arrow a voice echoed through the woods.

“Do not dare draw a weapon against me!”

Patience turned slowly, knowing who she was about to face, though she wondered if he was half beast for he spoke with a growl. She almost gasped when she laid eyes on him, and she was relieved that he stood a distance away from her, for there was no doubting that it was the Dark Dragon.

He wore a black metal helmet etched with symbols unknown to Patience. The helmet covered all but his eyes and the tip of his chin, making him appear all the more fearsome. Black leather armor covered his entire body, defining his thick-muscled frame, while hardened leather spikes ran along his shoulders and down his upper arms, warning all to keep their distance.

Patience had never liked the taste of fear and had always fought against it, but seeing this giant of a warrior encased in black made her tremble, for it was as if pure evil stood in front of her. And that evil had her sister.

With quivering limbs, she took a step forward. “When do I see my sister Heather?”

His voice rang with authority. “When I so choose.”

Patience held her tongue and her temper, though she wanted to lash out at him and scream that he had no right to keep her sister. But her warrior side warned against such a foolish response.

“Two days and you and your husband are to leave this place,” he commanded.

She did not bother to ask or else, for she knew if they did not obey his ghost warriors would see that they did.

“Do not dare defy me, Patience.” He turned and walked off, consuming the shadows that embraced him.

Patience stood staring after him, her body trembling more than before. He had said little, but had spoken volumes. His visit had one purpose… to warn her against disobeying him. The problem was that she was never good at being obedient, but then she had never met a warrior that made her quiver with fear.

With shaking hands, she gathered up the plants she had dropped and made her way back to the cottage, her mind on her sister. How was sweet, kind Heather dealing with such a menacing man?  She could only imagine the fear Heather must feel. She had to see her. She had to know that she had not been harmed. Once she saw that for herself, then she could concentrate on the obvious… how to combat such a formidable warrior?

She reached the cottage as the first drop of rain splashed on the ground. The door sat open and she entered, though paid little attention to the fine job Hunter had done of making the place habitable. She dropped the plants on the table and stared at her husband.

“What is wrong?” he asked concerned by how pale his wife was.

“I met the Dark Dragon.”


Book one and two of the Macinnes Sisters Trilogy;The Highlander’s Stolen Heart and Highlander’s Rebellious Love available now! Book three, Highlander: The Dark Dragon available late winter 2015.